Latest [AI Gadgets] Device of 2020


Artificial intelligence is easily one of the most prevalent themes in all of the science fictions. The idea that the machine exhibit the same level of intelligence as a human being results into artificial intelligence gadgets ,device,machine & software .Here is the list of top 10 best artificial intelligence gadgets , device, machine & software of 2018.

1. Amazon Echo Plus


Me: Hey Alexa tell me about yourself.

Alexa: I’m Alexa, and I know a lot of interesting facts. want to hear the interesting facts..

Me: yes

Alexa: Alright, here?s the one. There are 1,710 steps in the Eiffel Tower.

Here?s the Alexa smart speakers powered by amazon The first device was released in November 2016 in United States.


It has a unique design and Hi-Fi sound quality.
you can get the real time answers on weather, sports, movies, techniques and more. Further you can make conversation hands-free and get answer in human friendly voice not in a robotic voice.

By the voice commands you can listen your favorite music or play you tube.

In addition you can manage your everyday task. Like your daily schedule, reminders, news and much more.
Just connect it to internet and it will manage your compatible smart home devices like products from SmartThings, Philips Hue, LIFX, NEST etc.


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Ambi climate 2 is an intelligent choice for manage your air conditioner. Cloud connected controllers are not a new thing.

But Ambi climate 2 is above all those with learning feature acclimatize to your expressed preferences. Newer version of ambi climate is purposeful than the original one.

This app permits you to command multiple controllers like every room with an air conditional with an AC unit connected to Ambi climate 2 can control each one differently.

Ambi climate 2 is super simple to install in any android or ios device.

Here?s how can you do it:

At first you have to download the app from the play store.
There?s an USB cable with each Ambi climate device.

You just have to plug in.
Then place you Ambi climate device 3-4 meter away from your air conditioner.
Use the app and add Ambi climate by adding the location and connect it to internet.

Another option is auto pairing in which you can you can choose specific remote rather than mobile phone.
Ambi climate 2 is the ultimate high tech controller till the date. It?s working is impressive to manage the room AC temperature as it take care about humidity, time of the day etc. into account.

So, Ambi climate 2 is one of the greatest achievement in the field of artificial intelligence.



The communication robot Tapia AI Robot can now understand your emotions. It?s a revolutionary technique in the field of artificial intelligence. The worldwide robotics market is growing rapidly.

However communication robots also exist in the past but they can?t communicate well as they can?t understand the human emotions.

Tapia AI Robot doing well in this by analyzing properties of the voice like pitch, volume, speed. It?s Smartmedical?s Empath can analyze human emotions in real time.

Since there’s a modification in speech recognition technique human robot communication has been improved.


Tapia AI robot recognize and analyze by seeing it’s users face or hearing their voice.
It can play music and also display photos and videos.

This robot can perform daily life functions such as weather forecast, news, calls and making schedule.
Tapia can check your health and take care of you when you’re in depression.

It has also an ability to read printed media for you. Like read comic books for your children.
last but not the least boring conversation never happen with tapia. As your never know what kind of reply should be next.


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Chris digital Co driver is the first digital assistant for drivers. It is a smart mobile device that can connects you with your digital life while driving.

Chris is listening, taking and provides you complete new experience at the way out. It makes drive smarter and safer. We are living in a world of connectivity.

Artificial intelligence with permits us to focus on the things that really need to focus like driving. As we know driving requires a full attention and we know that gestures communication can be a possible distraction in this.

It notifies you when you get any Email, SMS or any whatsapp or facebook message and reads it for you. You just have to speak to give your and it recognize your voice to respond back.

Chris digital co driver is designed for plug and play so you just get in the car and you and unplug it as you want.

It takes less than 3 minutes in installing process and you can connect it to your smartphone and then listen the audio while driving. It is compatible with both android and ios.

Basically it is an artificial intelligence hands free device with great contact management to use in the car.

This is a combination of voice, hand gestures and display. Chris extremely easy to use and innovative device till the date.

Chris makes your drive smarter and safer that keeps your hands on the wheeler and eyes on the road without any kind of distraction.


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LG robotic cleaner HomBot has a unique design with LED display.

It is upgraded by remote controls and voice recognition.

With dual eye camera sensors that is lower and upper camera in which upper camera scans the floor localization and mapping.

The lower camera scans the floor for moving distance increase speed. It cleans only where required. Dual camera are for smarter and faster cleaning. Compare to others it targets and knows exactly where it is cleaning.

Hombot cleaning process is multi stage cleaning.

It has side brushes that sweeps corners and edges.
Main brush is used from cleaning heavier dust.
fan for effective cleaning.
Efficient airflow for hygiene.
Mopping that is for mop after vacuum for shiny finish.
HEPA filter for enhance performance.
It has anti-collision obstacle sensors to clean right up to the wall and then turn. It has also a feature of stair recognition and even cleans under furniture, over carpets.

Hombot has various modes for complete cleaning like zig zag mode, cell by cell mode and spiral spot mode.

If it has low battery power than mark the stopping point and go to charging point. After completing charging come back to the point and start cleaning also it has no noise disturbance.

So here the best ever achievement in technology that auto clean your house even you?re not at the home.


Vi is the most beneficial personal trainer ready to help you to maintain your fitness. It gets data from many sources like your training history and your goals including apple health kit or google app.

It’s sensors detect real time physiology like heart rate and also your environment like elevation, location and weather.

Vi gives beautiful sound to your ears that you have to run to the beat. In addition you can follow the instructions according to your progress.

So basically Vi will coach you towards your goals .
It is the best fitness tracker which gives you real time information for a dynamic workout.
You can get faster results if you workout with Vi assistant.

It has a beautiful design and get fit in your ears all time to instruct you.
Because of Vi sensors it gives instructions according to your present health situation
Furthermore you can enjoy premium music and calls by getting the personal fitness trainer in your ear.


Duo home AI computer is an revolutionary innovation.

It is a 1.9 mm thin mirror that provides all purpose entertainment for your home.

Duo home is a speech based system for your house. It allows you to the benefit of deciding whether prefer gardening in the evening or continuously checking yourself before the night.

Straight from the movie screen and into your living room, the Duo AI Computer hides in plain sight as a 1.9 mm thin mirror.

That’s right, the device allows you the privilege of deciding upon the preferred continuously checking yourself before the night.

It manage your home internal temperature, control light system of your home, play your favorite music list and much more. It connects all your favorite music in the central library.

Duo home AI computer is a voice activated and five point multi touch technology. Therefore your can control it by your voice. You can also download apps it has native useful apps in the store.


The Leka smart toy is the most crucial technology of all the time. It?s main motive is to help the children who have autism and other communication disabilities. These children have trouble to interact with others and not involved in social activities.

Leka toy help them overcome with these situations as it help to act as an intermediary. However it also works for adults who have same kind of disability to interact with others, it includes those features too.


It?s lights up with colorful LED?s that what children like.
Also it plays music emits subtle vibrations. Basically children with autism can?t understand facial expressions so it contains a screen that shows various facial expressions.

The Leka smart toy also used to display photos and videos.
It also includes educational games that children can play with interest.
It includes basic games like asking a child to identify a color or a fruit. This smart toy makes the learning easy.

Leka offers a wide range of sensory stimulation that able to enhance curiosity and encourage social interaction. It improves the child and adult relationship.

It is a very interesting tool that develop communication and social skills.


Netatmo Welcome is an indoor home security camera.This will notify you if any intruder enter to your house with the complete picture and video recording.

It also recognize the face of your kids, parents and pets. It will give you notification that they are safely at home with their picture and video. Netatmo Welcome becomes beneficial when you are at vacation, It will inform you if your housekeeper or any stranger enter to your home with their complete information.

Netatmo Welcome set up is extremely easy as we place the camera, plug it in and install the app. Then click your loved ones and it will recognize them.

And the another feature is it protects your privacy as you have the option to disable video recording and enjoy the privacy with your family.

You can store your videos either in a micro SD card or on your personal Dropbox cloud or you can backup videos on your personal FTP server.

It has a superior night vision that can record clear vision even in full darkness. Netatmo records only when something happens rather than recording unlimited empty worthless videos.


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