Top Best Free Android Games 2019 ,Multiplayer Games For Android,IOS

Top Best Free Android Games 2019

There was the time when gamer play their game on computer or in play stations. But with the arrival of operating systems like Android and IOS it becomes easy to play games on mobile phones.

Android is the best platform for users to use different apps and games with ease.

Due to the popularity of Android phones more apps are coming up for the users. You can find enormous apps on android phones for free and also there are apps that you can use after paying some cost.

All around the globe there are many people who love to play games and due to these interested people there are lots of games are available.

There are some Best Android GameTop Best Free Android Game or Best Android Mobile game,Multiplayer Games For Android, Online Multiplayer Games For Android , Offline Multiplayer Games For Android that people love to play.


 **Best Android Game **

These all games are fully adapted to touch devices. You people are just a click away to download these games. You just need to download best android game on your phone and then you can start playing them solo or sometimes in a team.

There are lots of games that are getting popularity and these games include racing games, battle games, and fighting games.  So, play best mobile game to relish every level of it but without any obsession.

PUBG Mobile-Best Android Game-techfbi

Best Online multiplayer games for android

PUBF Mobile Best Android Game


There are a couple of games including PUBG mobile that has caused madness around the people who are keenly interested in playing games.

The Tencent Games published PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game and it is considered as one of the best mobile game or best Android game in the online world.

This is the popular Royale battle that allows around 100 players to fight with each other till death.

This Royale battle starts with nothing and then players start collecting weapons, equipment, clothes, medical supplies and all the other things that can help the player to win.

To play this game you can go solo or you can play in a squad of four if you want to experience to play it in the team.

Modern Combat-5 Blackout-Best Android Game

Best Online Multiplayer games for android


Modern Combat-5 Blackout Best android game TechFBi

Modern Combat 5 the sequel of the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the fifth instalment of the Modern Combat series.

This is the first game in this series that is developed by Gameloft Bucharest and also for the first time gamers can play it free of cost on all platforms except BlackBerry 10.

This game is similar to the previous games of the series. But there is the new key feature added is the ability to pick a soldier. This game has amazing graphics and an exciting story line like other best mobile Games. But you cannot play it online. You can enjoy this game alone because of its single player solo mode as well as a number of players can also play this together with the powerful online mode.

The only drawback of this game is its slow performance due to the number of characters that taking part in it and also because of explosives on the screen.


Cover Fire-Best 3d Sniper Shooting Game

Best Online multiplayer games for android

Cover Fire Best android game

Single Player Android Game

Cover Fire is free and an excellent first-person shooter game in which players has to face an evil mega-corporation from different planets.

You will enjoy sixty different missions against different characters every time. Each character can use different firearms that include machine guns, sniper rifles, and missile launchers.

If we talk about the control system of the game then it is well suited for touch devices. And you can easily aim your weapon by sliding your fingers to the left side of the screen and by sliding your finger to the right side you can get trigger button.

There is no need to move your hero near cover because it will be done automatically. This game offers spectacular graphics with the variety of weapons.

Super Mario Run-Best Android Game

Offline multiplayer games for android/IOS

Super mario Run Best android game

Super Mario Run published by Nintendo for Android and iOS devices. In this game player has to control the Mario or other characters of the games to collect awards or coins.

The characters of the game run automatically and players have to save them to reach next level.

This game was released for iOS and Android in December 2016 and in March 2017 respectively.

You can consider it as best mobile game because it is downloaded more than 200 million. In the history of iOS it became the fastest growing app.

This is the simple game that people love to play but with this it is also addictive.

Racing Moto-Best Android Game

In this game, you will enjoy racing on your mobile device and this game turns your mobile into a busy motorway.

Here you can enjoy fast racing because in the real world this speed is not possible. In this fast-paced racing game players have to drive the motorcycle at high speed and also they need to control motorcyclist in the busy road full of traffic, police cars and buses.

It is very easy to learn the controls of motors. You can consider it as an action-packed racing game that is full of challenges and you will surely enjoy this game.

While playing this game player can also enjoy beautiful views like city, bridge, forest, and sea.

There are some rules that you have to follow to play a game like tilt phone to control the direction of vehicle, tap screen to accelerate, and the boost factor is available on the top right of the screen.

FIFA Football-Best Android Game

Online multiplayer games for android/IOS

FIFA football Best Android Game


FIFA Mobile game released worldwide in 2016 for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows and after the release it becomes a most authentic mobile game.

This game upgraded with a new feature that is “Attack Mode” in this mode player will play the offensive stages of the match. For the first time, this game is introduced with famous football icons.

They  include Ronaldinho, Owen, Maldini and Yashin and this is the reason for many gamers it is a best android game. Now you can enjoy this match by adding your favourite player in your squad.

Need for Speed-No limit-Best Android Game – techfbi

offline multiplayer games for android

Need for Speed-No limit: Best Android Game

This game will take you to the world where you can drive your car recklessly and this is free to play racing video game for Android and iOS. In this game, the player can participate in Campaign races, rival races, and car series races.

While playing this game you will find that game’s control is very simple. And there is no need to tap accelerator or brake.

You just need to tap right or left to turn, you have to swipe up and down on the screen to boost and drift around the corners respectively.

You will find your car in accelerator mode always and this makes it easier to play.


Plants vs. Zombie 2-Best Android Game -techfbi

Plants vs. Zombie 2 Best Android Game

In this game, lots of action is include and that is the craziest thing about this game.

Here gamers will meet hilarious zombies and players have to greet them and defeat them in around 60 levels. You have to vanquish different types of zombie here including pirate zombies.

Players have to collect plants army to win the battle against zombies to protect their brain by devising a plan. This game works smoothly with flash technology.

This app had received more than 100 million downloads and become a best mobile game among gamers.

Real Racing 3: Best Android Game -techfbi

eal Racing 3 Best Android game



Real Racing 3 game is the third instalment by Electronic Arts in Android. And the downloading and starting of the game is free but after this, you have to start paying.

First stages will not be problematic but in long run. You have to pay money to play and then it becomes expensive.

This payment system is bad but still, this game is very interesting.

And here you can compete with many players around the globe. This game is powered by the Mint 3 Engine.

In this game, rivals can also damage your car and this will affect your timing. So, to play better you have to think like a driver.

After every level, you will get gold coins and then you can unlock the next level. With these coins and also you can buy a new car. This game is perfectly adapted to all the touch-based devices.

This game is best android game because of is graphics level on the Google Play store. It is a great racing game. But because of its payment system gamers have to wait so long to play it.



EA Sports UFC: Best Android Game

Online multiplayer games for android

EA Sports UFC best android game

EA Sports UFC is a fighting game and this is more realistic one as compare to previous UFC games. This game is developed in collaboration between EA Canada and SkyBox Labs. And it has three series. Its third series is released in February 2018 and this series is considered as best one among all. This game will give you the experience very close to the real fights in the UFC play out. All the gamers who love the combat sports for them this game is best mobile game to play.


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