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So Here We Will First What Is IP Address Then I Will Show You Method To? Changer Ip Address.




What Is IP Address

An IP Address we know as INTERNET PROTOCOL, is a kind of identification number that is to identify any DEVICE. It happens like you have a ROUTER with a tab, a laptop, a mobile connector with a router. The internet runs now, like the song download in the mobile, download the movie from the laptop to the software and tabs.Now We Will See How To Change My Pc IP Address.

Now how will the router and the internet, know how to send the data to which DEVICE is to send the song. Each device has an identification number call IP ADDRESS.

which is of this type It is different for each device even if the router also has an IP, this identification number is detect by the key. What is the device to send and the location is also detect from app or application.

?Unique address

Each computer has its own unique IP address. IP is the IP address in the Internet’s protocol, address means the address of the connection of computer or networking device connect? to that protocol. IP address Each device has its own identity.

  • Example is? also an identification that shows the location and network of that device?
  • ?Internet Protocol (IP) is call TCP ie Transmission Control Protocol. Due to this computers or networking devices can be connected to the Internet.



How To Change My Ip Address


To change the IP ADDRESS you can also manually change, that you have to be your server. But most people use the software, you can change the ip address in your window, with the help of extension in the browser, with the help of Android software in the mobile For this, you may download the software and then install it, then after opening it, just click on the location of the VPN, such as America, China, Africa, etc. Connect your tax and just change your IP according to what you are watching at screen.


Understand how IP addresses work:

Whenever you are connect to the Internet, your computer assigns a long number call IP (Internet Protocol) address. This IP address sends the server, you are visiting and logging in, and leaves a trail of your internet activity.

Version of?IP?address?

?There are two versions of IP address:?IPv4 and IPv6 lets discuss about version of IP address. which is given below.

IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4)? ? IP version 4 is a 32 bit IP address. Due to which IP addresses can no longer be generated from IPv4. IPv4?(Internet Protocol version 4) is say to be in four parts and the middle dot is use to separate it in different parts.

IPv6?(Internet Protocol version 4)? ? IP version 6 is a new and advance version in, which alphabet and symbols are used not only for numbers but also for the part of IPv6 that is said to be semicolon. This is an IP address of 128 bit due to the IP version 6, perhaps it will probably not need to get the next version of the IP address so soon.

Types of IP?address?

Local or private IP address, When more than two devices connect to each other,? through a wired or wireless network, then each device gets its own unique IP address, which is call a private IP address.? Public IP address is giving by the internet service provider (ISP), which worldwide connects you. Public IP address is of two types, one is the dynamic,which varies and a static that does not change.??


How To Block Ip Address

If you do not want to be potentially Trek, while browsing the internet, you would want to hide the IP address. By changing it in many simple and reliable ways. Follow this guide to hide your identity online.


?Understand the basic concept of Ip?


  • The technology is a server that lets you connect and allow you to “exit” your network. You connect to the technology and send your traffic through it, so that your IP address is hidden and, the traffic appears to come from the proxy server.?Know different types of proxies? Different types of proxy are to find, which give you a certain degree of concealment, and more secure than some others, in which you can run the technology in your research are there.

There are four main types of antioxidants?

  • Web-base proxies: This is the most commonly use and easy-to-use technology. This is the server that you connect anonymously with a web site through the browser.
  • Open Proxies: It is a professional server that either accidentally opens or hacks open. These are often not safe, and may include malicious software. It is recommend that you avoid Open Procexies.

?Anonymity Networks:

These are private networks which are run by users who do bandwidth donate. These are incredibly slow, and anyone can host a bandwidth, so they are quite insecure.

  • Paid proxy software programs, such as IP Hider, which are use to hide your IP address, so that you can hide your actual location, while surfing your internet traffic and web. None of the software programs like, IP Hider know what you do on the Internet. So you can surf the web wherever you can, without worrying about leak of any information. But the question is still whether,you can trust the software company or not.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network): This is a private network where you can connect the DirectX to the Private Proxy Server, which is create by a company or company.
  • Proxy Chain: At present, the most consistent VPN has use Tor (TOR), where all networks are directe to use traffic tor. This redirection can be work with Linux’s built-in system package iptables. If you do not want to set up your own Proxy Chain or Windows, your OS, software like iProxyEver will do all your work.How to check ip address?
  • First of all, we need to check where is ip address in your lappy or pc?For Windows users -First go to Start and open command prompt.After that, write these commands -ipconfig?For mac users -First open the terminalWrite these commands in the terminal -ifconfig?For linux users -First open the terminal2Write these commands in the terminal -ifconfig less?If you do not like to do all this, you can find out what is my IP directly on google, you will know your IP address.

? ?How To Format Ip Address?

An ip address is divide into 4 parts where each part is separate from dot ‘.’ A normal IP v4 address looks something like this., An IPv4 or IP version 4 address is 32 bit, which can not be use more now because it is only 32 bit and only 400 million IP addresses can be make, which is almost complete.

Not only computers or mobile phones but also every device connect to the Internet such as Google Home (Google’s speaker) also has an IP address, but there is nothing to worry about.

The solution has also to find, which we call IPv6, it is a 128bit IP address that will eliminate this problem. An identifier IPv6 address looks something like this -“fe80::8187:af64:2e37:2543%16c”? So finally the meaning of ip address is understanding by you guys.? So must follow above all tips and structure for your work, related to internet protocol address.





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