** Android Games And Apps **download for PC from Google Play Store

Games and Apps download for your PC from Google Play Store

Have you ever dreamed that how can it becomes possible to make the apps download from Goggle Play Store to your PC. Although you can access play store from PC, but it seems impossible to download any app from here on PC. Because play store provides the services related to Android device users only, not for?Windows or Mac device users. Here you will learn about different ways to do the apps download from play store to PC.? Keeping in mind that you can’t use these methods to download paid apps due to avoid piracy.


1. Bluestacks

To make apps download from play store to PC you can use a free Android emulator called Bluestacks. It is the?Fastest Mobile Gaming Platform on Earth.?It help you to make possible apps download for PC directly from the Play Store. It requires the following steps to make apps download for PC.

Step 1.?To download and install Bluestacks follow these steps.

  • Go to this link?https://www.bluestacks.com/?OR?Open Bluestacks in any web browser like Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
  • Click on Download BlueStacks 3N button.
  • Now Click on?DOWNLOAD.
  • Save the .exe file in your Downloads folder.
  • Click on the BlueStacks installer .exe?file.
  • Go to Click on?Install now.
  • Click?Complete?when prompted.

Step 2. For?Bluestacks Set up

  • Wait few minutes for ?Starting the Engine?.
  • Then, you will see?Google Sign-in form on your device’s screen and add your account.
  • You will come to the home screen of BlueStacks App Player.
  • Now you can begin installing and enjoy running your favorite apps.

Step 3.?How to use?Bluestacks?

  • Click on?My Apps?tab. It appears in the top-left corner of the window.
  • A page is opened where any apps you install will appear. Now, click on the?System app?folder.
  • Click on?Google Play.
  • Click the search bar.
  • Search for an app and select the app.
  • Click on install, when installed the app click open.
  • You can also find the installed app in My Apps tab.


2. Evozi APK Downloader

There is another tool to make possible to apps download for PC from Google Play Store which is??Evozi APK Downloader. It?uses T-Mobile to download your apk files. This includes following steps to apps download for PC.

Step 1. ? Open Play Store?and copy the Google Play URL or?package name of the app or game you want to download.

Step 2. ? Open the?Evozi APK Downloader?and paste package name or Google Play URL into the box provided at the top of the page.

Step 3. ? After pasting the URL or package name click on Generate Download Link button.

Step 4. ? Now, click on the green color button appeared just below the?Generate Download Link button.


3. Google Chrome Extension

When you Install a free extension in Google Chrome, you will be able to download the APK file to make apps download for any free Android app. you can not open the downloaded file without using a software like Bluestacks. Follow the steps to download Google Chrome Extension.


To download a free game or an app from Google play Store to PC

Step 1. Open Google Play Store in Google Chrome.

Step 2. Choose an app to be downloaded.

Step 3. Copy URL of the app.

Step 4. Open?1Mobile Downloader extension page in Chrome.

Step 5. Click on Add to Chrome button which is blue in color.

Step 6. Now click on Add extension button.

Step 7.?Click on the 1Mobile Downloader icon. This is green in color downward phasing arrow?at the top-right side of your browser window. A drop-down menu will appear.

Step 8. Click on the APK Downloader.

Step 9.?Click on the APK Downloader, then?paste in the app’s address.

Step 10. Now, click on the?Generate Download Link button.

Step 11.?Click on the?Download APK of [app]?button.?You may have to click?Save?or confirm the download before the app file is downloaded.

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