How to?Permanently Delete Facebook

How to?Permanently Delete Facebook

Have you ever think that you don?t need your Facebook account anymore? If yes, then there
can be many reasons to ditch Facebook. Sometimes you get worried about your privacy or
security and sometimes you want some break from posting all stuff from Facebook.
Sometimes you think that you are getting addicted to Social Media sites and to get over it you just want to delete your account. There can be any reason for deleting your account. Here are some things that you should know to permanently?delete facebook account. There are two ways to stay away from an account that includes deactivating your Facebook Account and other is permanently?deleting your account. If you will choose to deactivate account option then this will be reversible. You can again use your account if you change your mind in future. If you are certain that now you don?t want to use your Facebook account anymore then for you there is?delete your account option available. You can follow these steps to delete your facebook account permanently or only deactivate it.

Deactivating your Facebook Account


If you want to hide yourself on Facebook for some time then you can go with this option.
With this option, you will find all your information intact. So, you can comeback anytime on
the Facebook. This is an easy way to take a break from your account. After any short and
long break, you can use it again. Once you activate it again everything that you did
previously will come back as it is as you left.
You should have an idea that how you can deactivate your Facebook account. If you are
deactivating your account then it will not remove you from friend's list of others. To
deactivate account first you have to follow these steps, select the down arrow on the right
side of the top of the page> go to settings> Manage your Account> now click on
Deactivate your Account option. You can also click on this link to deactivate the account,
visit? and then proceed to the deactivation

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Deleting your Account from Facebook:

This delete option is for those people who don?t want to use Facebook Account anymore. If
you are also sure and made your mind that you will never be going to come back on this
again then you can delete it permanently. With this option, you will never retrieve or
reactivate your account. When you will click on this option then Facebook will permanently
delete facebook account. According to the Facebook, your deleting Facebook account process will
take around one month. But you will find your information on Facebook for around 90 days
because they remain in backup copies for some more days. After deleting your account you
will not get any recovery option and no other person will be able to see your account after
this process. To delete all the things like photos or status update it will take a long time.
Something will always remain on Facebook even after deleting your account that includes
your Facebook messages that you had sent to your friend.


There are some steps that you have to follow to delete your account on Facebook:

? Firstly log onto Facebook by typing your address and password by clicking the blue
login button to the Facebook page.
? Go to the top right of the Facebook page and then click on the down arrow. Click on
the settings.

Delete Facebook Account -techfbi

Now click on the Delete My Account and after this, you will find a pop-up window.
? Now enter your password again. After this, you will enter the given captcha code.
These captchas are jumbled letters and numbers. If you are getting the problem to
read then you can click on try another text or an audio captcha.
? Now click on ?Ok? button and submit your code.
? After clicking on the Delete button this will proceed your deleting process and will
take some days to delete it permanently.

To Permanently Delete Facebook Account, you can also visit this link

Delete Account
This whole process will take around 14 days after submitting your request to delete your
Facebook Account. Before getting deleted your account will be in the deactivated state.
During this period if you want to cancel your request to delete the account then you can
cancel it within these 14 days.


There is one thing that you have to keep in mind that all the things that you do on the
Facebook like sharing posts and sent messages to others will remain there even after deleting
your account

So This Is A Way To Permanently Delete Facebook Account. So It Is Good Process ?

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