**Top 20** iOS Features

Here are the **Top 20** iOS Features

In order to know iOS features, we need first to understand iOS. iOS(iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system developed by Apple.This operating system is running on many mobile devices which includes iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Moreover, it is provides some important iOS features that are not available in Android.

It provides user interface based upon direct manipulation and multi-touch gestures. These gestures includes pinch, swipe, tap and reverse pinch. iOS are more smoother and faster? to run than an Android OS.

iOS is not only an operating system that perform better task but also it become an important part of those people who have this operating system in their devices. It has so many features and we will let you know about best iOS features that we are going to discuss below:-

1. Camera

Camera of an iOS device includes the following Features:-

  • Grid
  • Keep Normal Photo for HDR

And camera app in iOS device includes awesome features like:-

  • HRD
  • Focus
  • Live photos
  • Camera Timer
  • Exposure
  • Portrait mode


It is helpful when you are going to take a photo in dark condition. It takes three different photos gestures and then combine them in a single photo.


Focus is that functionality which elaborates some specific pictures, views, and real things in the form of an image. This feature is used to take more important scene in the picture. It captures a sharper image of that scene.

Live Photo

Have you ever wished to see your picture in little bit of motion? If yes, then Live Photo exactly does that for you. It is different from normal photo in the sense that it takes the picture before and after few seconds also. To turn ON the Live Photo, open Camera app then, tap on the icon at the top of the app.

Camera Timer

Camera Timer sets a time to take a picture and the time is set manually. In iPhone, provides 3, 5 and 10 sec delay timer.


When you want to make your image brighter or darker then, this iOS feature will help you. Tap anywhere on the image and then, drag sun icon towards upward or downward.

Portrait Mode

This mode gives a beautiful look to an image. In Portrait mode, the subject is focused and background of the image becomes blurred.

2. Apple Music

If you are made for music, Apple brings one of the best iOS features for you that is Apple Music. It is different from other music app in the sense that you can listen, add or download the music, music videos and many more. It offers access to over 50 million songs. Apple Music allows you to listen music when offline.

It also offers to play FM stations on-demand. Moreover, when iCloud music library turns ON then you can play music across your iOS devices, PC or Mac.

There is one more interesting option also through which you can share your playlist with your friends. Even more you can also see what your friends are listening too. Sometimes, we like to sing the song that we are listening. This feature is also available in Apple Music.

3. Face ID

This is also comes in the list of iOS features which is used to unlock your phone securely. This technology uses ‘True Depth Camera System’. It is the combination of cameras, sensors and a dot projector which creates a 3D map of your face. That’s why whenever you look at your phone, it will authentically check your face.

To setup a Face ID:-

  1. Go to settings>Face ID & Passcode, enter your passcode if asked.
  2. (To set up Face ID) hold your device in portrait orientation, keep your face in front of the screen and tap on start button.
  3. Make sure that you face is looking inside the frame, then gently rotate your face to complete the circle.
  4. When finished scanning, tap to continue.
  5. Once again move your face to complete one more circle, and then tap on done.

4. 3D Touch

3D Touch adds a powerful dimension to the multi-touch interface. It senses how deeply the user presses the display. 3D Touch enables some important tasks to do when user want to perform. The actions are performed so quickly or simply in gameplay.

Quick Actions

3D Touch avails the facilities to an user to perform most often tasks more quickly and in few steps. Some of the functions to be performed are completed in just one step.

peek and pop

3D Touch is avail facility to preview the content of an item to the user such as link, page or a file. A preview can be seen without opening the item. User may press little deeper to pop the content into required app.

5. AirPods

AirPods has changed the way of using earphones. It automatically turns ON when you plug into your ears and turns OFF when plug out from your ears. To change the volume, change the song, make a call or get right direction just double tap which will activate Siri.

6. Gestures

This is the one of the best iOS features in which users interact with iOS devices by implementing gestures to the touch screen. It has the ability to enhance the manipulation of onscreen objects. There are some of the standard gestures shown below:-


Tap is used to activate the control or select an item.


It is used to move an object or element from one place to another across the screen.


It scrolls or move the display on a computer screen in order to view new material quickly.


Used to display the hidden view?in a split view controller or show the actions in a peek. Also it can switch between two apps.


Zooms in when double tap and zooms out when already in maximum zoom.


Zooms out when pinch in and zooms in when pinch out.


It performs undo or redo operation.


It rotates an image or view of the device.

7. Keyboard

On a 3D touch device, the software keyboard is turned into trackpad by tap and hold the space bar key. It is easy to use. It enables to let you drag the finger to quickly cursor. This virtual trackpad feature is not possible without 3D touch hardware.

8. Battery

A battery is the collection of one or more cells which can be charged and discharged electrically. One of the best iOS features is battery and performance. When talking about an iOS 12’s battery performance it is better than earlier versions. You can set the settings related to the battery of the iOS 12 by first go to settings and then, tap on battery.

Now, you will see two settings one for Battery percentage and second for Low power mode. You can choose the options as you wish to do with it.There are more settings available which are?Insights & Suggestions, Battery Health, Last Charge Level, Battery Usage , etc.

The iOS 12 has the ability to retain its battery even after your iPhone powers off. iOS 12 has the one more feature that it asks the user to keep all the power hungry apps in dead zone which are opened in background.

9. iPad

Apple has introduced Voice?Memos and Stocks apps in new iPad. When we are talking about hardware structure of iPad, it uses iOS 12 as operating system.

Previously, to open Control Center you can do swipe up from the bottom. But now, to open Control Center?you can swipe down from the top right corner.

10. Messages

This feature is inbuilt in iOS 12 to scan the text messages automatically. For that it requires one time Log-in code.

iOS 12 introduced new iOS features like Animoji or Memoji. Memoji allows its users to create a 3D character of themselves. MeMoji are customizable charecters built by choosing skin, hair, eyes, lips, accessories and many more elements. This Memoji used in various fun activities like video call, photos, videos, etc. Also, Apple added new text and GIF effects like other social media apps.

11. Downtime

This is also in the list of best iOS features. Downtime is different from other iOS features. It allows the user to decide a specific time to keep use of some selected apps. When it is enabled then, only those apps are accessible which you have approved. And those apps which are out of action, all those apps are inaccessible. You can access the app only when you have unlocked the app.

12. Notifications

Now, notifications are grouped by applications which feature was not available earlier. In this iOS feature a manage button is provided to manage the notifications. You can turn off the notification for an app with the help of manage button. While to deliver quietly just swipe this button. This is done without going to the settings.

13. DND(Do Not Disturb)

When you are giving your time in doing some important work and do not want to disturb, turn on the DND by 3D touch in control center. It will silence the phone call and the notifications when enabled.

14. Siri

Siri is also one of the best iOS feature which shows smart suggestions. It gives the suggestions on the lock screen and Search pane of the device. It suggests?contextual app shortcuts based on text conversation.

Siri also provides a feature which is called shortcuts. Shortcuts can do things like send a text message to some specific contacts. It plays a podcast with a single command.

It can help you to find out your phone. Just?tell Siri ?Play alert on my iPad? from your iPhone and vise versa.

15. Photos

Apple has redesigned the photos which includes mainly four tabs Photos, For You, Albums, and Search. For You? tab the replaces Memories tab which was also in iOS 11. For You provides many interesting options like sharing recommendations, creates short length video collages, photo editing suggestions, featured photos from a specific day, etc.

While search tab includes machine learning and artificial intelligence features. Search tab shows your photos and albums by location and categories.

16. Voice Memos and Stock

Voice Memo in iOS 12 trims audio and join in a new audio file. To record a voice memo follow these steps:-

  1. First open voice memo app or ask Siri to open it.
  2. To record tap red circle button, to stop tap red square button and to pause tap on pause button.
  3. To save the audio tap on stop button and it will automatically save the audio file with the title.

17. Password AutoFill

Password AutoFill is also one of the best iOS feature. It simplified the login and account creation tasks for an user. Previously we require iCloud Keychain when we use Password AutoFill?for account password. But now it is not the only option. A third party app also can interact with?Password AutoFill to fill user name and password for a website or app.

You can enable AutoFill through:-??Settings?>?Passwords & Accounts?>?AutoFill Passwords.

18. Safari

Safari is responsible?intelligence tracking prevention. It provides the facility to the user to disable like, comment and share options for social media apps and websites.

This is important to prevent the trackers from your device’s system configuration information. Because it can harm your privacy. It prevents a tracker to break your internet privacy. iOS 12 have a feature called?iCloud Keychain which generates new password instantly for the user when a new account is created.

19. Automatic update

This feature helps the user to keep up to date. Automatic update brings performance improvement and new features to iPhone and iPad. This feature is easy to use and setup. When turned ON it will automatically update the apps to be updated overnight. For update the app more charge is required so connect your charger before going to sleep. To enable automatic update follow these steps:-

  1. Open ‘settings’ app
  2. Tap on ‘General’ and then go to software update.
  3. Then, tap on Automatic Updates.
  4. Now turn ON the Automatic Updates.

20. App Switcher

App Switcher?displays the Control Center options on the right side of the screen of the iPad. It is the one of the best iOS features which shows your recently opened app in a tiled view. Follow these steps to access App Switcher:-

  1. Swipe up from the bottom to the middle of the device’s screen and hold until App Switcher will not appeared.
  2. Swipe left or right to find the app that you want to switch or switch.
  3. Tap the app.
  4. Alternatively, the App Switcher can be accessed by a double tap on the Home button on iPad.


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