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Torrent Proxy which is also known as KAT gained a lot of followers in the past few years and become one of the popular meta search engines.

Basically it provides directory for magnetic links and torrent files to facilitate peer to peer sharing.

It has been launched in November 2008 ans went offline when seized by the U.S. government due to some piracy cases, notice from government and many other reasons. Due to that people find it difficult to access it.


Recently Indian government has blocked access to torrent and it is illegal to open a torrent website. In this article share some easiest methods to access torrent files.

The website is available in more than 45 languages make it accessible to everyone.

KAT is ranked 98 in US and 29 in India. In 2015 Google Chrome had began blocking access to site due to it’s harmful programs.

In 2014 and 2015 , KAT has changed domain names several times. In 2014 it moved to but the domain was seized by the Somalian registry.

The owner of torrent proxy is arrested. Kickass torrent’s up to date mirror is

The reason why we can’t access torrent sites is like the site can be banned by your country. And may be your internet provider has banned your access to that site. Other reasons are like antivirus and firewall.

First of all we have to know anonymous and non anonymous torrents:

For download torrents anonymously in India you have to conceal your IP address and it can also encrypt your download hence your internet provider can,t monitor your downloads.

It addition encryption also avert from slowing your downloads.

1. Not Anonymous

  1. Your IP address is not hidden from all torrent peers.
  2. When you are not anonymous, your internet provider can monitor all your torrent downloads.
  3. From your torrent IP your identity can be traced.

2. Anonymous

  1. In this a fake IP address is visible to the torrent peers.
  2. When you are anonymous, your internet provider doesn’t know anything about your downloads.
  3. In addition your identity can’t be easily traced.

How to access Kickass or? Torrent Proxy:

Using VPN

VPN is an ideal way to conceal your real identity and location.

This is the most efficient way to download torrent files. While using torrent proxy you have take care of security of your computer.

Specially when you are dealing with torrents of vacillating origin. VPN which is known as virtual private network.

It allows a computer utilizing public network join a private network through a “tunnel” among the machine and the network.

The secured way to conceal your torrents in India is to use anonymous VPN service. I have mention that all VPN are good for torrents so choose wisely.

You will be anonymous when your IP address is changed with the VPN server. You just have to download and install a VPN application on your phone or laptop.

Here, you can hide your location. Just connect to the country you want to identified from.

How to make your torrents anonymous (torrent proxy) :

  1. First of all you have to sign up for torrent VPN service.
  2. Then download the VPN software.
  3. You have to log in and select a server location.
  4. Click connect and it will automatically encrypt your internet traffic and assign you a IP address.

There are various advantages of using a VPN service. Like if you need complete privacy, this is the ideal solution.

Generally other proxy servers only hide IP address but VPN creates a secure connection between the server and the device. It gives you ultra security.

If you want to send secret messages to someone over the internet, VPN is the best option. In addition it offers unlimited access to programs and websites.

Like it allows you to watch any show from England which that you could only see from the Norway. It will give you access to a large number of servers across the world.

Paid or free VPN (torrent proxy)

There are a large number of VPN providers and many of them provide free services. However these free programs have less security, lower speed, reliability and support.

Security is an essential factor when selecting a VPN provider. Some free VPN services provide PPTP (Point to point tunneling protocol) which is simplest to set up but there’s a chance that these VPN connections vulnerable to attacks.

Paid services are more secure hence they provide Layer 2 tunneling protocol(L2TP) and Internet protocol security(IPsec) which are more safer than PPTP.

Bandwidth is the another important factor in VPN services. Where free services leads to slower connections and paid applications offers faster connections.

Here are some best VPN services for torrenting?:

1. Express VPN

  1. It is easy to use and secure.
  2. You can access any content across 94 countries.
  3. ExpressVPN provides you 24/7 service.
  4. The most amazing feature is about your privacy and security.It keep away from being hacked with powerful encryption.
  5. It supports all platforms like Windows, android, mac, IOS, Linux etc.
  6. You are free to download anything from any of it’s server.

2. NordV PN

NordVPN has 4300 servers in more than 61 countries. It has super fast speed and can connect 6 devices at the same time. There’s is no log policy at all. In addition NorVPN is aweson for streaming.

3. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield is the most admired VPN which offers you ultra speed and performance. It has 2500 servers in approx 25 countries.

4. Ipvanish VPN

It claims to be the fastest VPN provider that keeps no logs. Also it offers greater privacy and protection than other VPN providers.

5. Private VPN

PrivateVPN has more than 100 servers in 56 countries. And you can connect 5 devices at the same time.

Kickass proxy (torrent proxy)

It is a server which acts as an original kickass torrent. Basically these proxy servers access the page from the original server.

It show real content on the website. So it acts as a mirror to actual KAT site. However these proxies help you to unblock the KAT server.

To unblock kickass server you have to choose the right kickass proxy server.

KAT was the most popular website and most visited BitTorrent directory in the world.

This site facilitate peer to peer file sharing using BitTorrent protocol.

So here kickass proxy sites will help you to access all the contents across the world.


Disclaimer:?This information is only for education purpose please don’t follow these sites and piracy.
Conclusion?:??Kickass torrent (proxyoff) is very famous because of the number of leeches and seeds it has along with a number of peers. Therefore, these kickass torrent proxy sites will help you to access all of them without any interruption . Bookmark Techfbi site to access our? site and technical information.


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