Netflix is a streaming service which has online library of films and television programs. It has a wide variety of TV shows, movies and you can enjoy a lot of other things.Here we are providing you Netflix Premium Account user name & password. On Netflix there’s always something new added every month that can be TV shows or movies. Netflix started 20 years ago , it was a subscription-based DVD service.


Basically it would mail that DVDs to your home but in 2007 it debuted its streaming service and now become the most popular name in entertainment.

Netflix is an American entertainment company based on video-on-demand service. Now it has 130 millions of subscribers in over 190 countries. It’s headquarters are located in California, United states, Los Gatos and Albright way. And other offices are in the India, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and Netherlands.

In these days it started producing it’s original content investing in series like House of cards, Stranger things, Luke cage and orange in the new black. It also distributing the contents of Dream works, the 20th century fox, Warner bros and Walt Disney studios.

How to Netflix Premimum  works

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Netflix has a user friendly UI designs even for first timers. As you log in to the Netflix it will suggest you what to watch and give ideas about trending movies and shows. You can choose the categories like Horror, romantic, comedy and adventurous in movies and also you can search for any particular show or movie. You can manage them in a queue or in My list feature provided by Netflix. It also suggest you shows according to your history of watch list. Including video it also supports audio search and audio description for visually challenged people. Another feature is it also provide subtitles that makes it easy to watch shows in foreign language.




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Netflix Free trail


Netflix offers free trial of one month which you downgrade, update or cancel anytime as you want. Here you can begin with few steps:

  1. Open the link on your computer or open Netflix app on your mobile.
  2. Then click join free for a month.
  3. After that you have to sign up for Netflix account with your username and password.
  4. After signup you have to select payment method and enter the payment details.
  5. You have to pay some fees but you can avoid this by cancelling the subscription at the end of the month.
  6. After all this you can go for your free trail and watch unlimited movies and shows as you want.

It’s membership plans are divided into 4 categories:

Basic – This subscription starts at rs. 500 per month. It will enable you to watch unlimited movies and shows but supports one screen at a time.

Standard – It starts at rs. 650 and allow you to share your subscription with one family member without paying extra as it supports two screens. This plan also gives you HD viewing.

Premium –  Starts at rs.800 and Ultra HD content is available.Also number of screens increased to four.

DVD plan – This is for US customers and they can add DVD to their current streaming plan or choose DVD only plan.



History(1997- 2018):

1997: Marc Randolph and Reed Hasting were the founder of Netflix in 1997.1998: It launches it’s first site i.e. for DVD rental.

1999: In this year Netflix launch subscription service which includes unlimited DVD rental with discount in monthly price.

2000: Blockbuster should use Netflix as it’s online service as Netflix offers itself to blockbuster for $50. However blockbuster declines the offer.

2001: Company announces that it will leave off one-third of it’s employees.

2002: Initiates it’s initial public offering priced at $15 a share on May 22 it was the online challenger to the Blockbuster by attracting 600,000 subscribers.

2003: The online movie rental announced that it has surpassed one million subscribers.

2004: Announced to start  Video On Demand Service and blockbuster launches blockbuster online at $19.99/month to compete with Netflix.

2005: The number of subscribers rises to 4.2 million.

2006: Subscribers rise to 6.3 million. Company offers $1,000,000 prize to the developer of video-recommendation that defeat existing algorithm. In this year Amazon introduce Video On Demand to compete with it.

2007: Streaming launched.

2008: Become partners with with consumer electronics companies to stream on the Blue-ray disc, Xbox 360 etc. Hulu which is american entertainment company launches online streaming service for public access in the united states.

2009: Partners with the companies to stream on Internet connected TVs, PS3 etc.

2010: Surpassed 20 million subscribers in the last hours of 2010 and Netflix is available on iPhone, Apple iPad and iPod touch and other internet connected devices. Also launches its service in Canada.

2011: In this year company launches Latin america and the Caribbean. It lost 8000,000 million subscribers and the stock plummeted 25% but it has expended to Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

2012: Wins it first primetime “Emmy Engineering Award”. Also start streaming “House of cards” , it’s first original content.

2013: In 2013 company expanded to the Netherlands. It’s drama series like House of cards, Orange is the new black and The square were nominated for the award.

2014: Participates in “Internet slowdown” by announcing its opposition to changes in net neutrality rules that act against net neutrality. Netflix launched in 6 new countries in Europe. It now has over 50 million subscribers worldwide.

2015: First original film “Beast of No Nation” released. Launches streaming service in japan.

2016: Now it’s available worldwide also launch a offline playback feature and broadcast first season of “Nacros”.

2017: A research said that Netflix subscribers now equal to all the combined cable subscribers.

2018: Now it has 130 million members in 190 countries.



Overview of Netflix Premium  Account User Name & Password

The important difference between cable channels and Netflix is that cable channels have brands that was made them different from broadcast network Like CNN(news), ESPN(sports) etc. But Netflix has all the stuff that you like to watch on television. It has a vast library of reruns that you can watch whenever you want.

Netflix is not a cable it’s a broadcaster and it’s a selling a platform for everyone but by providing products for specific taste. However broadcast sitcom to an HBO film to an action show or to a marquee cable it made everything now available only in Netflix.

A short time original programmer it made few series that were great. And making deal with other creators it has a lot of quality content in its library that audience will surely going to like.

So Netflix will become a parallel TV universe by adding more interesting features that will attract the people and by making it more useful.

It has approximately 700 TV shows in 2018 announced by company’s chief officer.

Netflix spend $8 billion this year on its original content and is one of the best performing stock.