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React Native Is Future of Mobile Apps

People consider mobile phones as their half soul because with the help of this they can use different apps. The Mobile apps dominance has changed everything.

The way of performing operations in any business is changed because of the mobile phones and mobile Apps.

Now people have shifted to the mobile to handle their work. These Apps are raising the awareness among customers and this helps to engage more customers towards them.

This is also considered as the perfect market medium because mobile phones are handy; you can use them anytime, anywhere. Here We will Talking  about why React Native Is Future of Mobile Apps.

Many companies often get confused that what they should choose between iOS and Android platforms.

But with the React Native Development, this problem will be sorted.

Now there is no need to get confused between apps with superlative User Interface or the Apps that are compatible with multiple platforms.


Different Ways to Develop Mobile App:

There are three ways to build mobile Apps and these include:


These Apps run on native code like iOS uses Objective-C or Swift whereas Android uses Java. It gives the best performance but it is very costly because you need separate Apps for two operating systems.


These are the Apps with browser view and they run web (HTML5). It is not costly because there is need of only one set of code for both iOS and Android. But its performance is very poor.

Mobile Web:

These are the Apps that you can load in your mobile browser. This is convenient because users can use the app by simply opening up a URL and no need to download your app.

But it has the poorest performance as compared to native and hybrid apps.

That are three platform where  we can use  react native and that is  major point. That’s why  React native is future of mobile apps.

What is React Native?

What is React Native

Both native and cross-platform approaches perfectly combine to form React Native tool. React Native helps developers to build mobile Apps that seem exciting and real.

It is done with the help of JavaScript only. The exciting thing about React Native is that they support both Android and iOS platforms. When developers will use it they will also save their development time.

You can also consider it as a cost-effective solution for business. Now there is no need to recruit different development team to work on different platforms of same App.

Use JavaScript and React to Build Native Mobile Apps

The React Native uses the same design as React and build mobile apps using JavaScript. To build the JavaScript code it forms a hierarchy of UI components.

It has components that are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and it builds mobile Apps with native looks. Only with JavaScript code, you can enjoy the performance of React Native.

A React Native app is a real mobile app:

A “mobile web app”, an “HTML5 app”, or a “hybrid app” is different from the Apps that build with the help of the React Native. A React Native forms a real mobile app and it uses the same UI building blocks as iOS and Android apps. By using JavaScript and React you have to put the building blocks together to build an App.

Don’t waste time in recompiling

It saves time when you build an App because it is able to build your app faster. No need to recompile whereas you can instantly reload your file.

Hot reloading retains your application state while running new code.
Use native code directly

In React Native you can use the native code directly to make part of your app. It is also easy to use native code if you want to optimize something in your application.

React Native Development is quick:

The App development in React Native is quick, efficient, and all the expertise in JavaScript feel no need to learn Android specific Java or iOS’s Swift to use it. It is UI focused and this is the reason it loads so quickly.

Cater Both Platforms:

React Native is gaining popularity because it caters both the platforms that include iOS or Android for mobile developers. All the giant companies want to shift toward it.


Cutting Cost:

Switching to React Native is the smart move for any business because it helps to cut the cost. With this, there is no need to spend the huge amount on every single platform.

If you will stop spending money on every single platform then it automatically saves your money. You need to build it once and then you can use it everywhere.

This will also get rid you of difficult tools and slow development. With the help of this development of high-quality App will become cheaper and also it will increase productivity as well as creativity.


The React Native Future of Mobile App:


The React Native is considered as the future of mobile apps because it brings flexibility, agility, and speed in the web development.

It will help to increase efficiency as well as your workload will get reduced by 50%. Traditionally, you needed to develop different apps for both iOS and Android but now with help of React Native you will build only one app and this will run easily on both operating system.

With React Native you need only one skilled developer with knowledge of JavaScript for a small project. This will increase productivity too because you can reuse code in both Android and iOS.


You can not consider React Native framework flawless because it also has some error that needs to be addressed. Some modules are still missing in it. For this, you need a professional developer who can watch out these errors.

Its existence is still not certain because Facebook has developed this framework and they can kill off this anytime.


There are few loopholes in it but still, React Native passes all the tests to become number one choice for mobile App development companies.

With React Native developer finds ease and flexibility while developing Mobile Apps. It also gives high efficiency at low cost. It reduces your workload too.

Now there is no need to focus on both operating systems that includes iOS and Android platforms to create an app. So, companies can rely on this to create exciting apps.

React Native Is Future of Mobile Apps

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