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Top 8 SEO tools to improve your business

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process through which you will be able to maintain the quality and quantity of your website traffic with using SEO tools. It increases the visibility of a website or web pages to the users of the web search engine. It is the branch of internet marketing.

SEO tools are the tools which are used to optimize the SEO. SEO tools keep your website optimized for any search engine. Choosing right SEO tools for your business is very hard. We are here to minimize the complexity and providing some best SEO tools which are right for your website. These SEO tools either less costly or most recommended for your website which take your SEO to next level.


1. URL Profiler

This SEO tool is different from any other SEO tools. URL Profiler is a powerful tool of SEO. It performs almost all the tasks related to retrieve a large array of link, content and social data. People loved to use it because of its versatility, time and speed to perform a task. When it comes to its performance, it can perform the tasks related to thousands of URLs at once. URL Profiler includes various features which help you to improve daily tasks :-

Content Audits

  1. Examine deeply into your content and get it all into a single spreadsheet.
  2. Check your Page Speed scores for the desktop and mobile. Also, check your mobile-friendly tag for all the the pages.
  3. Find out Which are your?most and least valuable pages.
  4. Identify the pages which are mostly attracted by the users.
  5. Check word counts, SEO scores and readability scores of the content.
  6. To avoid duplicacy, it provides unique detection of duplicate content.

Link Prospecting

  1. Combine URL and domain metrics from Majestic, Moz and Ahrefs, in a single spreadsheet.
  2. Build data link reports quickly.
  3. To target only most relevant sites it uses topical link prospecting.
  4. Find email addresses of your contacts across a domain to spread more effective outreach.



2. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a software for Digital PR, Link Builders and Content Promotion. Discover social profiles, contacts, sites and influencers with BuzzStream. Add new contacts to your bloggers, websites, and social profiles with just on click. It improves the relationship of marketers with the influencers. It fulfill the needs of influencers like?attention, drive word-of-mouth traffic, improve search performance, and increase awareness.

The featured plans of?BuzzStream are Starter, Group, Professional and custom. The SEO tools that are used in BuzzStream namely RESEARCH, EMAIL and MANAGE.

Research is the collection of searches or results related to the keywords that you look into. Use simple keywords to be searched to find more relevant result.

Email SEO tool is very useful when you interact with your client without loss of any information. This SEO tool has good efficiency that, it became most popular tool to send any information related to a business.



?3. SEM Rush

SEM Rush is an online visibility platform which offers solutions realated to SEO, PPC, content, social media and competitive research. It is all in one solution to improve your online market. With the help of SEM Rush you may find out how to increase your traffic to your site. This sites offers :-

  1. Technical SEO Audit
  2. Semantic core collection
  3. Position tracking
  4. Ideas for gaining more organic tracking
  5. Competitive intelligence
  6. Backlinks audit and analytics

To increase more traffic to your site try for paid traffic. It includes

  • Ads strategy analysis
  • Keyword grouping and management
  • Cross-group negatives optimization
  • Ad keywords and creatives research
  • Competition analysis

It offers more effective social media strategy to enhance your SEO which includes :-

  • See how your impression on social audience and engagement?changes.
  • Discover best-performing posts
  • Compare your performance against your competitors
  • Get instant insights into your social strategy


4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO comes in the list of SEO tools because of its solid tool set. This is the WordPress SEO plugin. It provides SEO tools to its visitor as well as?search engine spiders. You can get more tools to?improve your content.?It performs common SEO tasks that offers?a year of free support and updates. You can either download Free version of?Yoast SEO or may get?Yoast SEO Premium for better experience.

Yoast SEO includes many supported features for its users:-

  • Get more visitors from Google and Bing
  • Stand out in social media
  • Increase your viewer’s engagement
  • Stay up-to-date with Google’s latest changes
  • Don’t worry about technical SEO or coding
  • Used on over 10,000,000 websites worldwide

Take better experience with Yoast SEO Premium seo tool.?With?Yoast SEO Premium optimize for keywords, keyphrases, synonyms and?all word forms for your site. Tell what your page is exactly about and it gives you?Faster index and rich results in return. It previews your site with google, Facebook or twitter.


5. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a digital marketing agency in UK founded in 2010 .It?is a website crawler, that allows you to crawl website’s URL and fetch key elements to analyse and audit technical and onsite SEO. It provides the crawler for some of the reputed companies like Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu and it is trusted by thousands of SEO companies.

It has the following features for premium users:-

  • Find Broken Links, Server Errors & Redirects
  • Analyse Page Titles & Meta Descriptions
  • Review Meta Robots & Directives
  • Audit hreflang Attributes
  • Discover Duplicate Pages
  • Generate XML Sitemaps
  • Site Visualizations
  • Unlimited Crawl
  • Crawl Configuration
  • Scheduling
  • Save Crawls & Re-Upload
  • Custom Extraction and?Custom Source Code Search
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Search Console Integration
  • Link Metrics Integration
  • Rendering (JavaScript)
  • Custom robots.txt
  • AMP Crawling & Validation
  • Structured Data & Validation
  • Store & View Raw & Rendered HTML
  • Free Technical Support


6. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Choose the Right keywords with?Google AdWords Keyword Planner.?The right keywords helps you to serve your ad in front of the right customers that is what exactly the?Google Ads Keyword Planner do. It gives the result of a deep research of how often certain words are searched.

Through it, this is very easy to launch your campaign. It includes 5 steps to?Create your first ad.

1. Choose your goal and Google ads will tailor your ad depends on what result you required.

2. Decide where you?d like to show your ads, and it will show your ad in front of the right people.

3. Highlight best features about your business in 2 or 3 short sentences.

4. When you set your budget cap, you?ll never pay more than the monthly cap you have set.

5.?It will display your ads when people search for products or liked your services.

7. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the best SEO tools for you. It helps you to measure your site’s Search traffic, performance, fix issues and provides some other tools to run your site at higher position in the google search results. Find most interesting facts about your website which may attract the users. Moreover, it provides a report of your?site’s impressions, clicks, and position on Google Search.

When there is something is wrong with your website then, Google alerts you with an email. And when you have fixed all the issues related to your site then inform Google.


8.?Keywords Everywhere

It is an amazing SEO tool which can be easily installed on either Chrome or Firefox. The Keywords Everywhere is a free keyword tool which provides all things that you are needed in your SEO. It helps you to find the right keyword. This site provides free search volume data, CPC and competition data for your keyword research.

Keywords Everywhere allows the user to access the keyword metrics for any list of keywords. It also allows you to download the list in any one of the format of Excel, CSV or PDF?file.

The websites that currently supported by?Keywords Everywhere are :

  • Google Search
  • Google Trends
  • eBay
  • Answer The Public
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Bing
  • Etsy
  • Soovle
  • Google Search Console
  • YouTube
  • Ubersuggest
  • Majestic
  • Google Analytics
  • Amazon
  • Keyword Shitter
  • Moz Open Site Explorer

This SEO tool suggest you that how?bid estimates for each keywords. So, this will help you to decide your advertising.


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