SEO Training [Online] On Skype With Rahul (On Live Website)

Online SEO training is agreat opportunity for starting your career. If you are interested in your own business, website, blogger and digital marking.

It is a balance between technical components and also the understanding of user behavior.

Search engine optimization also known as SEO is a planned web promotion technique for increase visibility.It also increases product traffic.

I can provide you online seo training  in  7 days.

Here you can see all 7 days plan.

1 day  – Website Setup

2. On page SEO

3 Off Page SEO

4  Plugin Setup (Google Console , Analytics  )

5 Keyword  Finding & Keyword Tools

6. Content  Writing.

7 Doubt Class

Course Fees 100 $

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Online SEO Training

Online SEO Training

Online SEO Training

We know that more frequently the website appears more visitors can visit that website. That’s why SEO?is an imperative part of digital marketing.

So higher the rank of website it will get large number of audience and that’s why its an important part in promoting of online business. Rahul is providing? ?SEO training online on live project.

In general, when we search anything we only search 5 top most website and all others are just negligible. So for promoting our business or website we have to set their rank at the higher level. That’s why we use SEO to gain more attention by the users.

SEO is more than just site ranking. From this we know the behavior of user and its a user experience technique.

SEO in 2019 is a great opportunity to enhance our business in marketing. As in today’s era of internet the person who know this techniques will get higher priorities.

  • Why Online SEO Training is good ??

best Seo Training in jaipur

SEO means helping businesses to make more money from people who are visiting their website via organic search. As we live in the era of internet, where everything revolves around the internet and life seems impossible without it. we all know the importance of internet in our lives and we are highly dependable on it.

So by rewind the time a decade back we will notice the scenario was far different from now. The business firms were more involved into physical marketing and advertising methods to promote the business. These traditional marketing has limited reach. But now everything is online.

Most of our work is based on internet either it can be searching a website or doing anything. So for promoting our business website we need more views that we can add more customers. For this we should have the knowledge of SEO.

Many companies are using online marketing methods to promote their business at the international platforms. So for execute these marketing techniques they need a marketing executive with good knowledge of SEO and should be expert in the field of digital marketing.

In today’s world many large scale companies provide SEO training to their employees .So the person having excellent knowledge about SEO techniques . Not only he will get higher priorities but also higher salary package.

SEO Training is also beneficial for someone who is having their own business. They can promote their website online and get more views and customers. It improves the targeted website’s visibility on various search engine. These results driving more traffic to your website.

In case if a website have low ranking in result page then it is negligible by audience. That’s why it is very important to learn search engine optimization.

  • Future in SEO

SEO is continuously growing industry. Last year it was estimated that business invested more than $65 billion on SEO services, and the number is projected to climb over $70 billion by 2018.

If your content is not engaging to users, you will lose out, no matter how valuable your information is. This is not about how much talent we have if we can’t participate or can’t show our talent to the world we are negligible.

Same thing happen with the websites too. No matter how much or better content it have if the users can’t find it on the top of the search engine it is invaluable.

From the research we find out that 45% of marketers still don’t formally evaluate their analytics for quality and accuracy .

Approximately 30% of small businesses use tracking, 18% of small business admit to not tracking anything at all.

The future of SEO contains a strong involvement from voice search, especially around content and keyword research.

There are two trends that are shaping the future of SEO. Search engines are getting better at determining quality signals from real users rather than the keywords and site structures.

In the past SEO was not a career option but in present google started to improve their search engine algorithm. Now it become difficult for the webmasters who want to maintain their higher rank. So there is a lot of opportunities for who have the knowledge of SEO.

If you are passionate about marketing, business, websites or blogging or in any kind of online business then this is the best option for start your career.

Search engine optimization is in the demand till we use search engines. And we can say it’s scope is infinite.


  • Topics covered in on-page or off-page SEO training Course

Seo Training in Jaipur

Seo Training in Jaipur: Google, Meta, Links, Bing, URL, Tags, Yahoo, Description, Ranking, Web, http, authority

  • On-page SEO Training

This is the type of SEO which involves in optimizing? to increase the level traffic. It make the website search engine friendly. It is in the boundaries of the website.

?On-Page SEO Training Online Course

  1. Basics of website designing training
  2. Keyword research and Analysis
  3. Meta keyword, Description Writing
  4. User Interface and experience on live project
  5. Sitemap submission
  6. Webmaster Tools and Google Analytic training
  7. Keyword Placement and density
  8. LSI keywords in content and title
  9. Content writing & optimization
  10. Content length and duplicate content control
  11. Image and URL Optimization
  12. Check grammar mistakes
  13. Outbound Link making
  14. Number of internal links
  15. Quality of Internal Links Pointing to Page and check broken links
  16. Affiliate Links and URL length control
  17. Site Architecture and updates
  18. Control of Duplicate Meta Information training
  19. Bounce Rate Control and mobile optimization training
  • ?Off-page SEO Training

Off-page SEO Training

Off-page SEO Training In Jaipur

This type of SEO involves promoting the website via other channels. Off page SEO refers to the technique that is used to improve the rank of a website in the search engine results.

However this refers to activities that you can perform outside the boundaries of your website. This is the main difference between off-page and on-page SEO.

A website that is high quality should have reference from other websites. It is like bookmark and shared among communities of like minded users.

Off-page SEO Training Online Course


  • Introduction to off page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Inbound and content Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization, Marketing, Management and Operation
  • Competitors Link Profile Analysis and linking
  • Backlink? Checking
  • Link profile management
  • “Poison” Anchor Text Control
  • Google Sandbox Awareness
  • Link Selling, Google Dance and Negative SEO Awareness
  • Links from 301 and natural link profile checking
  • Schema Micro formatting
  • Branding or Authority Building
  • Site? and Article Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking and blog submission
  • Guest Blogging
  • Forum Posting and slide sharing
  • ?Quartararo & Associates Marketing
  • Video Marketing and podcast?Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing


The optimizing websites for search engines begins on 1990. Earlier we have to submit the address of a page or URL to various engines. The process involves a search engines which would send a spider to crawl that page and extract links to other page from it.

In 1998 Larry Page and Sergey? Brin developed “Backrub” a search engine. The number calculated by the algorithm. Pagerank estimates that who randomly surfs the web and also follows the ranks from one link to another link. Basically, Page rank estimates the rank of? a particular web as compared to others.

As we know that Page and brin founded google in 1998. In 2007 google start a campaign against paid links.

Google using the search history of all the web users to enhance search results. It was announced by google in 2009.

In 2011 google announced panda update and in 2012 it announced google penguin which is focusing on spammy links.

  • SEO Training? Online

SEO which is also known as search engine optimization. It is the process of generating traffic to your website. Also it can help you increase the brand value of your business. In addition plays an important role in digital marketing.

The training institute provide detailed knowledge about SEO techniques by experts, who have gain excellent experience in this field.

The learner gets the benefits of one-on-one interactions with trainers. Also feedback on projects that helps them to understand SEO in a better way. This is the benefit of joining training institutes.

For learning search engine optimization technical knowledge is? not required. Anyone can do this course.It is about making your own website and set it’s ranking high by SEO technology.

It is beneficial for small businessmen to large scale companies. Everyone needs to promote their product online and for this we should have high number of audience. So this is only possible by search engine optimization.

Website also designers wanting to offer search engine marketing services to their clients.

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