**Top 1687** Latest Status For Boys [May,2019]

Latest Status For Boys

In recent years whatsapp is the greatest way to communicate and express yourself. Your whatsapp status says that how uniquely you can put your thoughts. It also defines your way of living and thoughts about life.

Best whatsapp status is an effective way to describe you and an exact way to show your feelings creatively.

So if you are looking for the best whatsapp status you can go through our site. We know that one line status is more effective than worthless long texts.

Whatsapp Status For Boys

We’ve excellent collection of best whatsapp status for boys and girls. Here you can copy and paste any one as your whatsapp status.

  1. Stop Checking My Status ! Go Get A Life!
  2. I?M Not Nerd. I Am Just Smarter Than You.
  3. I?M Sorry If I Change But You Changed Too.
  4. I Am Who I Am. Your Approval Is Not Needed.
  5. I?M Not Special , I?M Just Limited Edition.
  6. Your Silence Is The Best Response To A Fool.
  7. I Am Me And I Won?T Change Myself For Anyone.
  8. Don?T Take My Kindness As A Sign Of Weakness.
  9. Excellence Is Not A Skill. It Is An Attitude.
  10. Everything That Kills Me Makes Me Feel Alive.
  11. I?M Sorry My Fault. I Forgot You?Re An Idiot.
  12. I?M Poor. I Can?T Pay Attention In Class Room.
  13. Before You Judge Me, Make Sure You Are Perfect.
  14. You Attitude May Hurt Me But Mine Can Kill You.
  15. Leadership !s Not About Size It’s An Attitude!!!

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Techfbi provide you the most wanted categories of status. We provide you all kind of status according to the situations that you can use them as per your mood.

Techfbi provides you Best whatsapp status for boys & girls, Best cool attitude status for boys, Best attitude status for girls and New best whatsapp status according to your mood and situations.

Attitude Status For Boys

If you’re looking for best whatsapp status to make impression on someone. Here are some new best whatsapp attitude status that you can like.

Status For Boys


  1. Yeah You ? The One Reading My Status, Get Lost!
  2. Don?T Copy My Attitude Because It?S My Attitude.
  3. When I?M Good I?M Best , When I?M Bad I?M Worst.
  4. Hurt Me With Truth But Never Comfort Me With Lie.
  5. The Biggest Slap To Your Enemies Is Your Success.
  6. You Say I Dream Too Big. I Say You Think To Small.
  7. Don;T Show Me Ur Attitude As You Can?T Handle Mine.
  8. I Don?T Have A Bad Handwriting, I Have My Own Font.
  9. My Attitude Will Always Be Based On How You Treat Me.
  10. I Never Insult People I Only Tell Them What They Are.
  11. My Level Of Maturity Changes Depending On Who I?M With.
  12. Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference.
  13. I Allow Myself To Be Badass Confident In All That I Do.
  14. Style Is A Reflection Of Your Attitude And Personality.
  15. You Are A Designer Of Your Own Destiny. Make It Better.
  16. I may win and I may lose, but I will never be defeated.
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?Attitude Status For Boys

Best Cool Attitude Status For Boys

  • ?If You Think I Am Bad Than You?Re Wrong, I?M The Worst.

Here’s the variety of attitude status and attitude status for boys exclusively for you. As attitude reflects our personality so why don’t you use these status. Let’s try….

  • I Know I Am Awesome, So I Don?T Care About Your Opinion.
  • I Don?T Need To Explain Myself Because I Know I?M Right.
  • People May Hear Your Words, But They Feel Your Attitude.
  • ?My ?Last Seen At? Was Just To Check Your ?Last Seen At?.
  • The Best Way To Destroy An Enemy Is To Make Him A Friend.
  • ?Me And My Wife Live Happily For 25 Years And Then We Met?
  • ?I Wish I Had Google In My Mind And Antivirus In My Heart.
  • ?I?M Not Changed It?S Just I Grew Up And You Should Try Too.
  • ?Fake People Have Image To Main. Real People Just Don?T Care
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Here you can find latest best boy status that you can use. We’re updating new latest? status for boys that you can find different status every time before becoming common.

In the world of internet almost every person use online chatting app and check social activities. So to make impression on anyone or to make appreciable image in public this is the best way to describe ourselves.


Best Short Status For Boys

Short status for boy are very cool. It takes no time to read and makes an effective impression. So here are some one line status that you can use.

  • Waiting For Wi-Fi Network.
  • ?I Forgive But Never Forgot.
  • I May Be Wrong. But I Doubt It.
  • Nobody Move. I Just Lost My Mind.
  • ?I Am Hot Dude With A Cool Attitude.
  • Sorry Vegetarians We Can?T Pretend.
  • ?Follow Your Heart But Don;T Be Stupid.


Cool Attitude Whatsapp Status For Boys :-

We’ve consider the best cool attitude status for boys. After reading you can also share this collection with your friends.


Cool Attitude Status
Cool Attitude Status – Best Whatsapp Status of 2018
  • You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.
  • Life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance, you must keep moving.
  • You?re already a successful personal. The things we take for granted someone else is praying for.
  • Dreams is not what you see in sleep, Is the thing which doesn?t let you sleep.
  • I will win, not immediately but definitely.

Top Status For Boys :-

Best Attitude Status
Best Attitude Status

It’s a tough task to find the original boy status which are not used by the others. You can also find cool, short, funny, attitude, perfect status in our post.

If you’re updating interesting status time to time people will like to see your profile. So what are you waiting for just go through this and update your status.

  • I love to walk in fog, because nobody knows I?m smoking.
  • I?m not drunk, I?m just chemically off-balanced.
  • Oh, so you wanna argue, bring it. I got my CAPS LOCK ON.
  • I?m so poor that I can?t pay attention in class.
  • Warning!!! I know KARATE and few other oriental words.
  • Had a really great ?Night Out? last night, according to my police report.
  • The road to success is always under construction.
  • Born to express not to impress.
  • Silent people have the loudest minds.
  • When I was born. Devil said,?Oh Shit! Competition!!!?
  • I work for money, for loyalty hire a Dog.
  • Some people are alive only, because it?s illegal to kill them.
  • When nothing goes right? Go left!
  • If you can?t convince them, confuse them.
  • Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
  • If a word in the dictionary were misspelled, how would we know?

?Top Whatsapp Attitude Status

Many people like to show their attitude through whatsapp status. so here we are providing some whatsapp attitude status that you will gonna like.

  • Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.
  • I don?t have time to hate people, who hate me. Because, I?m too busy in loving people who love me.
  • I can?t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
  • Dear God, thanks for making me special. B-)
  • I Was Born Cool, Global Warming Made Me Hot.
  • SARCASM: Just one of the many services i offer.
  • Not always ?Available??Try your Luck?
  • Whenever i think of quitting smoking, I need a cigarette to think.
  • When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.
  • I say no to drugs, but they don?t listen.


?Boy Status? : One line boy status?

As everybody like short and cute status. Techfbi providing a large collection of one line status on attitude for you.

One Line Status On Attitude
One Line Status On Attitude


  • Do your legs hurt from running through my dreams all night?
  • If loving you is wrong, Then i don?t want to be right.
  • You give me the kind of feeling people write novels about.
  • At least mosquitoes are attracted to me.
  • When Sum One Hates You for no reason?????..Give them a reason!


Best Boy Status :-

Some people like funny status. For them this collection is hilarious, so wait foe what? Just use these and enjoy..

  • Taking revenge is wrong.?very very wrong….But very very fun.
  • I don?t care or think about the people in my past? there?s some reason why they didn?t make it to my future.
  • I sometimes watch birds and wonder ?If I could fly who would I shit on?
  • Sometimes the first step to forgiveness, is realizing the other person was born an idiot.
  • The only thing I can?t stand is discomfort.
  • I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.
  • His I.Q. is so low you can?t test it. You have to dig for it.

Best Whatsapp Attitude quotes for boys :-

Boys love to show attitude that’s why we’re providing you these attitude status.

Attitude Quotes For Boys
Attitude Quotes For Boys
  • I am not saying I am the best. I only know that I am doing my best to be the best.
  • I?m gonna MAKE the rest of my life, the BEST of my LIFE.
  • Never do anything yourself that others can do for you.
  • I?m nobody, nobody is perfect, and therefore I?m perfect.
  • When you think there is nothing left in your life, just keep working hard until you die.
  • A good laugh and long sleep are two best cures for anything.
  • Yes I?m smiling, but you?re not the reason anymore
  • The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us.
  • Being ?Single? is My Attitude!
  • A bad attitude is plane tire if you not change it you can never think positive!
  • Always stay true to yourself ,& never sacrifice who are you for anyone.
  • If someone hate you without reason, then Give the reason to him..!
  • I don?t hate Peoples ,I just love Peoples who loves me.
  • Weakness of attitude become weakness you!


New Latest Boy Status

If you’re looking for the New latest whatsapp status then you are in right place. We added many kind of status in this post.

Latest Attitude Status
Latest Attitude Status


  • Those who know love has also the risk of knowing pain.
  • Life is too short. Don?t waste it reading my status?
  • ?Style is a reflection of your attitude and personality.
  • Dear Lord, there is a bug in your software?it?s called #Sunday, please fix it !
  • ?If you can’t convince them, confuse them.
  • I sometimes watch birds and wonder ?If I could fly who would I shit on??


Perfect? Status For Boy

A whatsapp status should be unique and catchy. So why don’t you use these perfect whatsapp status from our collection.


  • ?Try to solve your problem yourself? Don?t Depend on other..!


  • Everybody don?t have to like you.. & You don?t have to Care.


  • If you think I am BAD than you?re wrong, I am the worst.


  • ?I wish I could have Genie who could make my dreams come true?.


  • People say me bad..but trust me I am the worst! ?.( #1 attitude status)


  • I am not perfect but I am limited Edition.


  • People are like ?MuSic? some say the ?TrUth? and rest,just noise..
  • When I joke they take it seriously. When I am serious they take it as a joke.
  • My _|_ salutes you.

Attitude Boy Status


Best Attitude Status
Best Attitude Status
  • Some people are alive only, because it?s illegal to kill them.


  • I don?t have your attitude I have my own.


  • Honesty is the best gift you can give.


  • People like me ? Great, People Don?t like me- Great, As long as i like myself that?s all that matters.


  • I miss the days when I was put my head on my desk?


  • Patience is not a virtue. !Its just waste of Time?


  • ?I am multi talented, i can talk and piss you off at the same time.


  • ?If they hates you for no reason- Give them 1


  • ?My alarm clock is clearly jealous of my amazing relationship with my BED.


  • ?My door is always open so can meet at any time!..


  • ?I am not as dumb as you look


  • ?Sometimes you have to just move forward, and move on.No doubts, no questions and no looking back? Just move on.


Cool Attitude? Status For Boys


  • I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people.
  • Always smiling, because your smile is a reason for many others to smile?Smile please?!!
  • ?I always arrive late at office but I make it by leaving early.
  • I don?t need to explain myself, I know I?m right.
  • ?An ugly personality destroy a pretty face.

?Cool Boy Status

  • I learn from My Mistake! Without Mistake We Can?t Learn Best.
  • Always remember you are unique, just like everyone else.
  • Never makes promises that you can?t keep.
  • My Philosophy ?drink Triple, See Double and Act Single.
  • An ugly personality destroy a pretty face.


? ? New Boy Status Quotes:-

Quotes are an effective way to explain anything. We make your way easy by giving you new status quotes just choose which one suits you the best.

High Attitude Status
new status quotes


  • ?I have a new theory in life?what other people think of me is truly none of my business!
  • ??I can?t change the destination of wind but I can change the bad thinking of mine…
  • ?Never do anything yourself that others can do for you.
  • The most positive men are the most credulous.
  • ?It?s kind of fun to make the impossible !.
  • ?HELP: Cops are after a suspect who smart, witty, sexy & good looking?so where you gonna hide ME?



Unique Boy Status

If you’re bored from common status used by everyone then you can try these unique boy status.

  • Always stay true to yourself ,& never sacrifice who are you for anyone.
  • ?I am not saying I am the best. I only know that I am doing my best to be the best.
  • If you love someone set them free. If they come back, set them on fire.
  • ?You should never play with someones heart!!!
  • ??Dream? as if you?ll live forever.. Live as if tomorrow is last one?

Simple Boy Status

Simplicity is the best way to describe yourself. Here are simple whatsapp status that you can use as your whatsapp status.

  • ?Status Unavailable! Check Later?
  • ?I don?t need to explain myself because, I know I?m right.
  • ?If you think I am bad, then come to me I?ll give you more better reason to hate me.
  • ?I don?t insult people , I just describe them?

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