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Top 5 Android Emulator -Free Android?Tablet emulator


It is great way to access android apps on computer. Not only you can run the gaming apps but also you can run other android apps on your computer. Basically emulator is a piece of hardware and software. Which enables windows or mac to behave like android. It is a virtual device that provides all the capabilities of android device. Focus of emulation is to recreate original computer environment. It allows the use to access any kind of application and operating system. These are generally? used during the design and development of new systems. It also provides the ability to detect and recreate the design even before the system actually built. Android Emulator For Windows.


top 5 free android emulator for windows tablet mac pc 2018

Benefits of android emulator:

  1. It has additional features that original hardware didn’t have.
  2. Not only this is labor but also cost efficient than the original hardware.
  3. In addition, it has better graphics than the original one.
  4. Basically, emulators allow software exclusive to one system can be used by another system.

There are many android emulators but here we are talking about those which are mostly preferred by the users.

Here are the top five android emulators: Android emulator for pc List ,Mac , Tablet

1. Bluestack 3 – No. 1 Free Android Emulator For Windows Pc

It is the mainstream of all android android emulators. It has keyboard, mouse and game pad support. Bluestack 3 is the newest version which came in 2017 . That make you more competitive in your gameplay. It is in the favor of more sober experience.




  1. In this emulator you can play all the games those you want in the app center.
  2. Not only we can play multiple games and switching the tabs but also open multiple windows and open multiple accounts at same time.
  3. It has MOBA mode feature in which keyboard and mouse defeat two thumbs.


  • Minimum requirements-
  1. Bluestack supports Windows 10/8.18/7/Vista XP2 and XP SP3.
  2. Graphics should be compatible to bluestack.
  3. This requires at least 2GB RAM.
  4. Minimum requirement is that system should have 4GB free space.
  • Recommended requirements-
  1. Operating System-Windows 10.
  2. Graphic should be 5200 or higher.
  3. Recommended RAM should be 6GB.
  • The system should have 40GB of free space for better performance.


DownLoad Link -? apk emulator for windows 8

Note: You must be an administrator of your pc and have internet connection.

2. Andy- No. 2 Free Android Emulator For Windows & Mac

Android Emulator For Windows , Pc ,Tablet , Mac

Andy is an android emulator that provides unlimited storage capacity. It updated recently and has a lot of features including being able to user phone as a controller. It is incredibly intuitive and in terms of compatibility it’s spectacular. We can play a ton of games virtually with no problem. And the best part that it let you use the feature whatsApp and? whatsApp plus. Its latest version released on 28th Oct 2014.


DownLoad Andy – apk emulator for windows 8



  1. Andy allows us to launch android apps from shortcuts in our windows.
  2. It comes with a feature AWD launcher.
  3. you can use your favorite communication apps like viber, whatsapp and snapchat on you desktop.
  4. We can use widget and deliver notifications.
  5. It’s installation process is very quick and simple.


It supports both 32 and 64 bit operating system.

  1. Andy emulator supports Windows 7/x64 and x86.
  2. It needs 3GB RAM.
  3. For better performance 200GB free hard disk space is required.
  4. Virtualization should be enabled in BIOS.

3. Genymotion -No. 3 Free Android Emulator For Windows & Tablet

This emulator is mostly used by developers. It allow us to run apps on your desktop. Genymotion integrates perfectly into your developer environment. You can check your gmail even it behaves just like a real device. If you are an android developer we recommend you to get this.It is relatively fast which comes with pre-configured android.

android app emulator for pcFeatures:

  1. Genymotion is easily downloaded and run pre-configured virtual images that covers the range of versions from 2.x onwards, and various tablet screen sizes.
  2. It has GPS and Battery widgets.
  3. Not only it has ADB(Android debug bridge) support but also has Eclipse and Android studio plugins.
  4. This emulator also allows you to interact with your virtual machine using a command line.
  5. Also supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download? -???Free apk emulator for windows 8 & 7


It supports both 32 and 64 bit operating system.

  1. Genymotion supports Windows 7/8/8.1 and 10.
  2. Mac version should be Os 10.9.
  3. Intel HD graphics 4000, GE Force 500 and OpenGL 2.0 video card.
  4. Linux Ubuntu 18.04 /Debian 9/Fedora 27 (64 bit)
  5. Minimum RAM required is 2GB.
  6. Hard disk space should be 100MB.
  7. Minimum screen resolution required is 1024*768.
  8. And the minimum web versions are Google chrome(version 10), Mozilla Firefox(version 3.0).

Note: For linux make sure virtual box is installed on your system.

4. NOXPlayer – No. 4 Free Android Emulator For Windows ,Pc, Mac & Tablet

Even? NOX has the compatibility up to lollipop 5.1. It found to be perform better than many of android emulators. This emulator is completely free. It has all the usual features that can be selected from the right side including keyboard control, multi instance manager,screenshot and many others. In addition you can change the theme by selecting the icon. There was a time when an app requires a device be rooted. Whereas, in NOX player rooting is easy.

free best android app emulator for pc , mac ,tablet


  1. It supports multi-platforms.
  2. This is a fast, stable and powerful android emulator.
  3. NOX also supports keyboard and joystick.
  4. It also includes shaking features.
  5. On NOX emulator Google play store is also available.


  1. NOX supports windows 7/8/8.1/10 and also supports Mac.
  2. Minimum requirement for RAM is 2GB for NOXPlayer.
  3. 1GB Graphic card should be required.
  4. It requires 2.2 GHZ processor.

5. KOPLAYER -Free Android Emulator For Windows & Mac

KOPLAYER? allows you to record your game player and uploaded it wherever they want. Its main focus is gaming. It also allows key mapping to emulate a controller with your keyboard you want. It has a huge advantage in performance, compatibility and stability. This emulator supports multiple accounts, video recording and keyboard. KOPLAYER. built on x86 architecture. Highlight of Koplayer is built-in video recording.

free best android app emulator for pc , mac ,tablet



  1. It supports Intel and AMD CPU.
  2. It has adaptive resolution.
  3. KO player supports game pad.
  4. This emulator is compatible with all apps on google play.


It supports both 32 and 64 bit operating system.

  1. KOPLAYER supports windows 7/8/8.1 and 10
  2. This emulator also supports Windows XP SP3.
  3. Windows vista
  4. Ubuntu 14.04+
  5. RAM requirement is 512MB .
  6. System should 3GB of free hard disk space.
  7. The resolution should not be lower than 1024*768.
  8. Graphic card should supports OpenGL 2.0.



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The best emulator android – Bluestack 3

free android emulator for pc windows 7 -?Genymotion

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