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Java is a computer language that is class based and object?oriented. However it is the most preferred language by the programmers in all over the world.

Furthermore this language? is running on write once run everywhere principle (WORA)? principle that means it doesn’t need recompilation.

It is platform independent and can run on any computer architecture. Java can run on Windows, Mac, mobile or any kind of platform.

This means we can compile a program on windows and run it on linux. So it can be only possible in java.


Top 5 Java Training Institute In Jaipur-techfbi

There Are Top 5 Java Training Institute In Jaipur-

1?No 1? java training institute in jaipur???RAT India

2?No 2? java training institute in jaipur??Matrix Computers

3?No 3? java training institute in jaipur??SAG Academy?

4?No 4? java training institute in jaipur??DAAC?

5 No 5? java training institute in jaipur – Neuro Sharp



This is the most enduring language in today’s era of technology. According to researches there are more 9 billion java developers in the world.

There are total 8 versions of java.


  • History of java

James Gosling is known as the father of java. Java was introduced in 1991 bu Sun Microsystem.? He created java with the help of Mike sheridan and Patrik Naughton. However java was originally designed for interactive television. Initially it was not named as “java” it was started as green project and named as “Oak” based on an oak tree.

Top 5 Java Training Institute In Jaipur
James Gosling

And finally this is known as “Java” based on java coffee (Java is an island of Indonesia) .

The first implementation was java 1.0 which was released in 1996 the first version jdk came to the world in 1995 by Sun Microsystems.

After that it was re-written by Arthur van Hoff. Second version released in 1998 that is JDK 1.2.


The latest version of releases on 20th march 2018 which is Java SE 10.

In 2009 oracle took the ownership of java.



  • Features of java

1. Simple

It is easy to understand as their several syntax are available in C. Confusing concepts of C++ are not in java. It is based on object oriented programming. If you understand the concepts of OOP then is easy to learn java. In addition there’s a feature of automatic garbage collection in java.

2. Object – oriented

Basically this works on the concepts of object oriented programming which includes Polymorphism, Abstraction, Inheritance and Encapsulation. It is easily extensible.

3. Platform independent

Java is based on the concept WORA therefore it is Write Once Run Anywhere.

Unlike C/C++ and other programming language java code compiled once and anywhere.

It is not compiled into platform dependent machine code. Program is compiled into a byte code.

There are two components : First is Runtime Environment and the second one is API(Application programming Interface).

4. Secure

Java is the most secured language. It develops virus free system.

It is secured because:There is no explicit pointer.

  1. Java has a bytecode verifier which checks for the illegal code.
  2. It runs in JRE (Java Runtime Environment) with almost null interaction with system OS.
  3. Its authentication techniques are based on public key encryption.
  4. Programs run onside virtual machine sandbox.

5. High performance

Java is faster than any other interpreted programming language due to its? bytecodes. It enables high performance with the use of just-in-time compiler.

6. Interpreted and compiled

If we are talking about any programming language it can be either compilable or interpratable. Java is an interpreted language as it covert the java code into machine language. In this at the run time, java virtual machine interprets the byte code and executes them. It allows complex task to perform in a few steps. Fast running of the code. Interpreter is memory efficient.

7. Multi-threading

In simple words this feature of java enables the program to execute many tasks at a time.Therefore it is the first programming language that introduced Multithreading. It increases the performance of the program by decreasing time. Not only decreases the cost of maintenance but also shares the same memory. In this multiple threads runs simultaneously.

8. Portable

It is portable because it can carry the java bytecode to any platform.

9. Dynamic

Java supports dynamic loading of classes. This is because of bytecode. It also supports automatic memory management i.e. garbage collection. These programs have an extensive amount of run-time information. It removes the waste memory allocated during the runtime. In this the code written in any platform can execute on any platform.

10. Robust

Java is highly supported language. It has also a feature of memory management.

  • Applications

1. Mobile applications

Handheld devices are like Mobile phones, Tablets, PDAs , Gaming consol.? Android apps based on version of java. J2ME? i.e. Java 2 micro edition allow a user to download small software applications.

2. Web applications

Web application is a program run on more than one computer through a server. These applications are like online stores, message services, college fest management system, library management system. Because of high security feature of java it become the choice for many government applications like health, education etc.

3. Scientific applications

Java is used for scientific applications as well as mathematical calculations. However the science community accepts java for development of high performance, scientific applications.

4. Enterprise applications

Research says that java is running in 97%? of enterprise computers. Java EE platform designed to create reliable, scalable, large scare, secured network applications like banking applications.? in addition Enterprise applications are used to solve the problems of large enterprises.

5. Embedded systems

Embedded systems are like medical instruments, telephony. These are from small chips to large electronic devices. According to research 125 million TV devices use java.

6. Web server and application server

Java contains a lot of web and application servers.

  • Why we should learn java to start our career

1.Java is the most preferred application development platform in all over the world.

2. Java 10 is the latest and most powerful version of this language.

3. About 3 billion phones and 125 TV sets are using java.

4. This language ranked no. 1 in UI programming language by software developers worldwide.

  • Topics covered in java

  1. Introduction to java
  2. Control statements
  3. Classes and objects
  4. Constructors
  5. Arrays
  6. String
  7. abstraction
  8. Inheritance
  9. Operators
  10. polymorphism
  11. Encapsulation
  12. Garbage collection
  13. File handling
  14. Exception handling
  15. Multithreading
  16. file handling …And More


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