Internet Of Things

Internet is one of the most hyped and transformer of technologies ever invented. It’s like a digital fabric that involves in to the lives of all of us in one way or another. Internet of things is the system of sensors and devices connected by networks to computing systems.

In simple terms IOT(internet of things) is a system of physical devices which are connected to internet. It has been spreading around 30 years either we have network sensing , industrial internet.

We a lots of devices with internet connectivity before years ago. There’s an immense increment in IOT devices by these years and it is appraised that there will be 20 billion by 2020.

Opportunities and Challenges in internet of things

 Opportunities and Challenges in internet of things

The internet of things digitizes physical assets like sensors, network, devices and machines. A typical internet things of network can grow rapidly resulting in exponential increasing variety and velocity of data.

This opens opportunities for significant value creation like(cost reductions, Improved customer service) and revenue generation. But the real challenge for IOT is analysis of large information from all the sources and take action in real time.


The difficulty of IOT combined with the higher expectations created by the mobile, internet and 24/7 IT environment. Another key point it makes the new technologies more important.

It’s like achieving  desired business objective or requires the ability to act in real time to take the advantage of opportunities.

Before the IOT era was taking approx 2-3 days for satisfactory results. But now it takes even microseconds to take action like 5 microseconds to address a security breach. However explosion of data and high expectation in IOT environment.

Applications of IOT be divided in three categories:


Innovation in new product and services provides a platform to foe business from the start up level. That are transforming the business view of internet.


It is beneficial for providers which makes easy to ensure the clients that they provide best service.  In addition it ameliorate customer service by winding up the gaps between service fulfillment and assurance.

3.Customer services

It’s a customer focused and marketing have the potential to increase customer satisfaction extensive customer management platform. Furthermore this allows providers to utilize automation to deal with the customer problems easily.

Applications of IOT

top 10 application of internet

IOT continues to develop solutions to make the world more smarter and connected. Sensors deliver the data about the world around us.

Micro controllers process, preserve, study and act on this information. In addition our connectivity products provide the link to the network. Furthermore energy management system make sure smart system operates reliably and effectively.


In cities these systems can be embedded all over in apartments, street lights or even under the road. Together these devices allow the smart grid enabling more effective use of energy.

In fact they merge with IOT smart power component to create highly reliable and effective automation solutions.  It has a long experience in data security and reliable communication make sure that your personal data will be safe . IOT proliferation of smart system connect various latest devices to the internet of things.

This expand the amount of data to be transferred, stored and processed. Generating the requirement for a strong infrastructure and IOT. It has the solution to meet the requirements of this arising cloud with innovative low potential and high performances technologies.

There are huge number of applications in internet of things. Some of these are mentioned above :

1.Smart home

According to research  60,000 thousand people currently for smart home each month. Even though it includes estimated 256 companies.

That’s why it is the most efficient application that stands out in the field of IOT. Home automation includes lightning, air conditioning and security systems.

Another benefits like energy saving. However, this includes the startups like Nest, AlertMe and leading companies such as Philips, Haier, Belkin.


2.Smart city

uses of internet of things

IOT continuously simplifying our daily lives. Furthermore it includes traffic management, environmental monitoring, water distribution and waste management.

Even it also includes active safety, environment detection, information beacons and smart journey planning. In addition smart city includes smart parking, street lighting, smart social housing and transport sharing.

In other words these all things make our city smarter. It reduce the problems of people.

3.Business services

With the advancement of IOT services business services become more effective and actionable than ever. Companies adopted IOT because of major reasons.

These are increasing productivity and reducing productive cost. And also to explore new platforms. Internet of things is beneficial for both small and large scale business.

It enables business to become more strategic, fruitful and actionable than ever. As a matter of fact smart companies are adopting IOT to improve their operation success.


This could apply to monitor and collect actionable data on input output and real time behaviors. Both large and small scale business use smart fleet efficient shipping and tracking.


There are various manufacturing devices like sensing, processing communication and actuation. However internet of things has a huge number of applications in manufacturing plants.

The term IIOT (Industrial internet of things) is encountered in manufacturing industries. IOT devices automatically monitor development cycles and warehouses as well as inventories.

The manufacturing industry is prominent in internet of things for many reasons. IOT deployment that offer expeditious return and allow manufacturers to discern digital transformations.

For several viewpoint like efficiency, automation, benefits. The advantage which are offered by using information over the manufacturing value chain.

Key aspect of digital transformation is manufacturing including technologies like cloud, robotics, big data analytics etc.


It has various applications in health care and fitness. Its about remote health monitoring and emergency notification devices.

These health monitors can monitor blood pressure and heart beat rate. For example some devices like peacemaker, Fitbit electronics wristbands, caloric intake and advance hearing ads.

Even some hospitals are using smart bed which can detect if a patient attempting to get up. Sensors can monitor the health of senior citizens.


Healthcare allows patients to spend more time with their doctors. In other words it improves that physicians can deliver care and keep their patients safe. without a doubt this is a revolutionary technology in the field of Medical.

6.Smart grid

Smart grid is a key approach to boost up the informatization of power grid system. Hence it is  beneficial for efficient management of power grid infrastructure.

As a result advance communication and sensing technology can reduce the damage of natural disasters. A smart grid extracts the information on the behavior of consumer and electricity suppliers.

Additionally it  used to improve reliability, efficiency, economics and electricity distribution. Hence smart grid in used in Homes, factories, Nuclear power plant, ecological vehicle, wind generator and factories etc.

Not only it improves reliability of power transmission but also reduce economic loss.


Internet of things dominates media industry. Increasing percentage of media and entertainment content is engross on digital and mobile devices.

That’s why industry related IOT applications are increasing. A research says that a bulk of IOT actives are involving in a lot of mobile apps, tablets and other devices. for instance a production firm and entertainment design use sensors to analyze traffic of people at the events.

Overall this helps them to analyze things audience like. As Google AdWords advertising with media as what kind of consumers want in terms of context, performance. facebook’s marketing is the top revenue for various companies. Above all Google and amazon use their drone technologies for product delivery.


IOT transforms the Insurance industry. As we know that Insurance is one of the oldest industry. Internet of things enables insurers to move fast make effective data-driven decisions.

So now escape from filling countless forms customers can submit claims by mobile apps just taking scanned pictured. Devices like biometric environmental sensors enable it to calculate risk and also adjust policies as per the situation change.


Wearable devices makes our life easy. Like Sony smart b trainer, Myo gesture control,Apple smart watches,MI fitness band and LookSee bracelet. The consumers in all over the world await for the release of Apple smartwatch every year.


pharmaceutical is a medication monitoring app uses sensors. Which detect if the medication temperature is in acceptable range or not.

And make sure that medical supplies meet the required quality standards. IOT based applications are not only used to monitor the medications but also reminds patients the time to take their medication.


In airline Virgin Atlantic is a beneficial technique in which it will the data required to recognize and resolve mechanical issue.

It is beneficial in delays, safe flights and better customer experience. Delta Baggage tracking become the first to use Radio Frequency Identification baggage tracking technology.


This resolves the problem of lost and misplaced bags. other services are like JetBlue automates check in, Qantas launches virtual reality entertainment and GE’s flights efficiency services.


IOT is a revolutionary technique in the field of transportation. After all it includes fleet management,  Railways, smart parking , Roadways and Transport logistics.

Now we will discuss about these:

Fleet management:

It enables tracking of vehicles from GPS sensors. Fleet management is used by Business and transportation carriers. This technique improve productivity and reduce cost. And the most important thing is it increases safety .

a. Railway system:

From safety reasons it Control and collision avoidance systems that enable automatic braking. Sensors monitor train speed and conductor behavior. As well as it controls speed and also reduce traffic congestion.

b. Smart parking:

Smart parking is the main feature in smart cities. Its sensors can detect where the space occupied for parking or not. However it is a real time application. Therefore it saves time and also reduce traffic congestion.

c. Roadways:

IOT applications in roadways are reducing traffic congestion. It also find structural problems in roadways and bridges, smart lightning and security monitoring. From the point of security reason is the decrement in accidental cases.

d. Transport logistic:

In transportation it enables containers and packages tracking. Environmental conditions are monitored by sensors. It delivers the package at the right place in the right condition. In addition it prevents from Product damage. This also reduces fuel cost.


IOT monitoring services are used in monitoring air, water, natural disasters, fisheries, soil, forests and snowfall levels.

Scope of IOT

IOT is a transformative technology revolution. We can predict bright future of IOT  spreads in all over the world where internet is used. It makes the daily life easier and smarter.

Surprisingly these devices are getting smarter day by day. As a result cities will transform into smarter cities. An application Pubnub makes it’s easy to connect IOT devices. The devices will become incredibly fast as there’s no delay in information transformation.



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