WhatsApp Update May, 2019 Latest Features You Should Know

WhatsApp Update May, 2019

It takes hard-work of many employees to develop and manage an app so that it becomes more popular in the age of internet. There are only few apps which are most popular in the world.

One of them is WhatsApp app. Nowadays, everyone know about WhatsApp app. But most of them are unaware of new WhatsApp update and features which may be beneficial for them.

This is really a very good news for the WhatsApp users. WhatsApp want to update the WhatsApp app with some interesting features, which people are mostly like in the other applications.

WhatsApp is going to add some new features for you.?Here you will find almost all WhatsApp update about the WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp is trying the ways to improve WhatsApp for businesses and is also trying to change the experience while chatting and doing businesses with the help of WhatsApp.


1. Online Shopping feature in WhatsApp Update

Now Facebook is going to add new feature to WhatsApp. This feature is made for business purpose. I’m talking about Online shopping feature yes, you heard right! Online Shopping.

It is in the trend of young people as well as in the business. People have a craze for Online Shopping. Online add a product catalog inside WhatsApp chats.

In this WhatsApp update, you will be able to see a business catalog right within WhatsApp app when?chatting for a business.

2. Dark Mode renamed as Night Mode


Night Mode New WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp is going to bring a new feature for the WhatsApp users which is night mode. The Dark mode which was previously present in the WhatsApp beta version now it is renamed as Night Mode. Dark mode works for black/dark color background and the text written in white color. This is helpful to save your device’s battery life.

3. 3D Touch in WhatsApp Update

3D Touch in WhatsApp

3D Touch may be an iPhone feature. This feature allows the iPhone user to view their WhatsApp status with 3D Touch. It also allow the user to see the WhatsApp Status secretly.

Means another person can’t see your activity that you are looking at the Status. The users can also mute the status in? status tab.

4. WhatsApp fingerprint authentication

WhatsApp fingerprint authentication will add extra security to your WhatsApp account. This feature needs authentication every time when the user want to open the WhatsApp App.

To enable this feature?go to the settings section of the WhatsApp messenger. Currently?the WhatsApp fingerprint authentication feature is only available for the iOS users.

5. Ranking of contacts

In this feature your contacts are ranked by WhatsApp. WhatsApp is bringing this feature for android. When you interact with your contacts, this feature finds out your mostly interaction among the list of large contacts. And accordingly, it arranges all your contacts from top to bottom.

6. Consecutive Voice Messages

Consecutive voice messages is the feature which is available for WhatsApp Beta for Android 2.19.86.?This feature allows the user to automatically play voice messages when the messages are sent in a right sequence.

When the message is ended, it notifies the user with a sound. After that, it will play the next message. When?Consecutive voice messages are performing the task of playing the messages, the user should not occur any type of interactions.

7. Transfer Money

Transfer Money is another new feature of WhatsApp update. This feature allow the WhatsApp beta users to transfer money with scanning QR code. WhatsApp added more functionality to the payment option like?Send to UPI ID.

For money transfer go to the?Settings > Payments > New Payments > Scan QR code.?After this, you have to scan the QR code and enter the amount that you want to send to someone. Then, it will ask you for?UPI PIN for verification and then done.

8. 155 redesigned emojis

WhatsApp is updating its emojis. There are 155 redesigned emojis can be found within this app. WhatsApp has worked on the previous emojis in the WhatsApp app and defined these emojis in a new form.

WhatsApp always testes it features on the beta app first. Click here to use the unreleased feature of WhatsApp and try it before it launches, and become a beta tester.

9. WhatsApp Group Video, Voice Calling

WhatsApp Group Video, Voice Calling

WhatsApp Group Video and? Voice Calling is live supported feature. This feature is available for both android and iOS devices.

For Whatsapp group video or voice call, first start with calling one contact and then you can connect more friends.

You can now connect more people in the group by tapping Add Person icon shown on the top of right side of the screen.

10. Select who can invite you to groups

This is the new privacy setting introduced by WhatsApp. In the case of avoiding fake messages throughout the WhatsApp app.

This setting provides three options which are?everyone,?my contacts, and?nobody. When you select everyone then, any people can invite you in a group.

For my contacts, only the person in your contact list can invite you in a group. And for the selection of nobody, neither a person out of your contacts and nor person from your contact list can invite you to join a group.


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