Where to start Machine Learning for beginners ?

As we know machine learning & AI will change our life in upcoming years so there are lot of CEO & Company is investing there time & money to learn & develop Machine learning & AI for business use.

Today we will share with you thought of a data scientist & machine learning expert Mr. Subham Sharma. You can also view Subham’s Profile on Linkedin

So here we are sharing about where to start machine learning & AI as Subham answered to Techfbi.

Machine learning is the idea that there are generic algorithms that can tell you something interesting about a set of data without you having to write any custom code specific to the problem. Instead of writing code, you feed data to the generic algorithm and it builds its own logic based on the data.

Machine Learning is a subpart of Artificial intelligence and deep learning is a subpart of machine learning. Basically deep learning is the brain of a machine.

For beginners first, learn python language in my suggestion because python is easy to learn is less time, and most important is practice. Improve logical skills and thinking ability, this is the only way to achieve your goal.

when you think you are good in python logics, Python Library (Pandas, NumPy, Sklearn and matplotlib)   then start learning maths (statistics, probability, and calculus) after that go for data analytics, machine learning, deep leading, NLP, and Reinforcement learning.

For beginners, this is enough to know. No need to go in-depth when he start learning then he will understand how machine learning works in every field and where we can use.

About Subham Sharma

Experienced Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry.

Skilled in Python (Programming Language), SQL, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, and Machine Learning.

Strong engineering professional with a PG Diploma in artificial intelligence focused in Artificial Intelligence from Center for Development of Advanced Computing.

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